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2015 - Week 16 New Fossils

Rare Acanthopyge consanguinea Oklahoma Trilobite with Associated Hypostome
Exceedingly Spiny Drotops armatus Phacopid Devonian Trilobite
Rare Rail-Like Eocene Fossil Bird Songzia heidangkouensis
Dramatically-spined Kayserops megaspina Devonian Phacopid Trilobite

2015 - Week 15 New Fossils

Rare Richterops falloti Early Cambrian Trilobites
Diminutive Maurotarion axitiosum Trilobites Prepared by Bob Carroll
Fine Cordania falcata Oklahoma Trilobite Prepared by Bob Carroll
Huntoniatonia lingulifer Oklahoma Trilobite Prepared by Bob Carroll
Uncommon Kettneraspis williamsi Type A Trilobite from Bois d’Arc Formation
Superb Kettneraspis williamsi Oklahoma Trilobite from Haragan Formation
Ctenothrissa Cretaceous Fossil Fish with Dramatic Finnage
Delicate Crioceras loryi Cretaceous Heteromorph Ammonite from France
Prone Paciphacops campbelli Oklahoma Trilobite from Haragan Formation
Diminutive Nankinolithus Ordovician Trinucleid Trilobite

2015 - Week 14 New Fossils

Gorgeous and Fine Zilchovaspis rugosa Moroccan Trilobite
Immense Ogygiocarella debuchi Ordovician Trilobite from Whales
Foulonia Cheirurid Ordovician Trilobite from Fezouata Formation
Freestanding Crotalocephalina Devonian Phacopid Trilobite
Rare Gigantopygidae Early Cambrian Redlichiid Trilobite from Issafen Formation
Pseudoarctolepis sharpi Phyllocarid Fossil from Cambrian Utah
Eurypterid Silurian Sea Scorpion Eurypterus remipes from New York
Large Lobopyge Moroccan Lichid Devonian Trilobite
Superb Kettneraspis williamsi Odontopleurid Oklahoma Trilobite
Large & Superb Eryon arctiformis Decapoda Fossil from Germany's Solnhofen Lagerstatte
Effaced Parahomalonotus planus Phacopid Trilobite
Diminutive Ctenocystis Cambrian Utah Echinoderm Fossils
Colpocoryphe rouaulti Calymenid Trilobite from France
Fine Solenites Oligocene Flower Fossil from France
Rare Isabelinia glabrata Asaphid Trilobite from Valongo Portugal
Otarion diffractum Silurian Trilobite from Czech Republic
Showy Elrathia kingii Trilobites Mass Mortality
Ormathops clariondi Dalmanitid Ordovician Trilobite
Colorful Split Cleoniceras besairei Cretaceous Ammonite
Fine Polished Desmoceras Cretaceous Ammonite
Delicate Polished Cleoniceras Cretaceous Ammonite
Striking Polished Puzosia Cretaceous Ammonite
Exquisite Polished Phylloceras Cretaceous Ammonite
Devonian Cruziana Trilobite Ichnofossil

2015 - Week 13 New Fossils

Walliserops hammi Devonion Phacopida Trilobite with More Than 50 Spines Prepared
Pachycormus Museum Fossil Fish from the Famous Holzmaden Lagerstatte of Germany
Spine-on-Spine Ceratarges ziregensis and Phacops Trilobites Natural Association

2015 - Week 11 New Fossils

Museum Cyclurus keheri Bowfin Fish Fossil from Germany's Messel Pit
Fine Lower Cretaceous Fossil Plant from Liaoning
Parabolina Trilobite Ptychopariid Ordovician Trilobite from Argentina
Flexicalymene and Isotelus Trilobites Association from Ohio
Araucarian Jurassic Conifer Fossil Trunk Section from Tasmania
Mississippian Bear Gulch Living Fossil Lingula and Oyster Assemblage
Cache Creek Dicot and Conifer Plant Fossil Association

2015 - Week 9 New Fossils

Podolaspis lerichei Devonian Jawless Fish Fossil
Lonchodomas drummuckensis Trilobite from Scotland
Paladin transilis Carboniferous Proetid Trilobite from Russia
Superb Kalops monophrys Paleozoic Fossil Fish from Bear Gulch Lagerstatte
Fine Discoserra Mississippian Bear Gulch Fish Fossil
Detailed Aenigmacaris Mississippian Bear Gulch Fossil Shrimp
Mecochirus Lobster Fossil from Solnhofen Lagerstatte
New Species Uralichas Lichida Trilobite from Zagora
Cyphaspis eberhardiei Moroccan Proetida Trilobite
Sairocaris Paleozoic Phyllocarid Fossil from Bear Gulch Lagerstatte
Lebonichthys Cretaceous Fish Fossil from Lebanese Lagerstatte
Kotlarczykia Oligocene Fossil Fish from Carpathian Mountains of Poland
Hemithyrsites Oligocene Fossil Fish from Carpathian Mountains of Poland
Tyrannophontes Bear Gulch Fossil Mantis Shrimp Precursor
Pteraspis rostrata Heterostracan Denonian Jawless Fish Fossil

2015 - Week 8 New Fossils

Supremely Rare Cornuproetus Trilobite with Pyritized Soft Tissue Legs and Antennae Preserved
Fine Hulettia Jurassic Fossil Fish from New Mexico
Rare Paleozoic Bear Gulch Fish Fossil Fubarichthys
Unique Xyne Miocene Fossil Fishes Mass Mortality from California
Cretaceous Poisonous Fossil Fish from Lebanese Lagerstatte
Juvenile Harpagofututor Paleozoic Bear Gulch Fossil Shark
Rare Mississippian Bear Gulch Fossil Mantis Shrimp Precursor
Artistically Framed Fossil Fish Diplomystus dentatus
Scopeloides Oligocene fish Fossil from Carpathian Mountains
Oxypteriscus minimus Paleozoic Fish Fossil from Siberia
Diplomystus Fish Fossil from Green River Formation

2015 - Week 7 New Fossils

Spectacular Erbenochile erbeni Moroccan Phacopid Trilobite
Spectacularly Spined New Type Koneprusia aff dahmani Odontopleurid Trilobite
Rare Chlustinia keyserlingi Odontopleurid Trilobites Death Assemblage
Dramatically Prepared Hollardops Trilobite with Superb Schizochroal Eyes
Spectacular Belenopyge Museum Trilobite Prepared in Freestanding Mode
Immense Gravicalymene Trilobite from New York's Utica Shale
Caridosuctor Paleozoic Coelacanth Fish Fossil from the Bear Gulch Lagerstatte

2015 - Week 6 New Fossils

Fine Paralejurus hamlagdadicus Trilobite Prepared Freestanding
Colorful Finely Prepped Metacanthina issoumourensis Moroccan Trilobite
Pustulose Aff Metascutellum pustulatum Scutellid Devonian Trilobite
Rare "Big-Eye" Erbenochile issoumourensis Moroccan Trilobite
Aesthetic Paralegoceras evolutum Permian Ammonoid from Timor
Detailed Ectillaenus beningnensis Ordovician Corynexochid Trilobite
Diminutive Cornuproetid Lower Devonian Moroccan Trilobite
Aesthetic Cleoniceras Cretaceous Ammonite
Silurian Graptolite Fossil from Rochester Shale
Bug-Eyed Coltraenia oufatensis Moroccan Trilobite
Diplomystus dentatus Green River Fossil Fish
Green River Fossil Fish Mortality Plate
Large Five Lobed Sycamore Plant Fossil Leaf from Green River

2015 - Week 5 New Fossils

Sweet Wendichthys lautreci Bear Gulch Paleozoic Museum Fish Fossil
Large Caridosuctor Coelacanth Paleozoic Fish Fossil from Bear Gulch
Rare Lepidasterella Paleozoic Bear Gulch Fossil Starfish with Many Legs
New Species Acastoides zguilmensis Moroccan Trilobite
Excellent Brachyspidion microps Trilobite from Swasey Peak
Diminutive Cyphaspis Devonian Moroccan Trilobite
Long Spined Cyphaspis eberhardiei Otarionid Trilobite
Fine Scabriscutellum furficerum Devonian Trilobite
Chinchilla Red Conifer Petrified Wood Round from Australia
New Species Phacops araw Moroccan Trilobite

2015 - Week 4 New Fossils

Museum Basseiarges mellishae Trilobites Mass Mortality
Supremely Rare Oeselaspis Primitive Silurian Jawless Fish
Protolenus Early Cambrian Ellipsocephalid Moroccan Trilobite
Aff Octillaenus Illaenid Moroccan Trilobite Undescribed Species
Extremely Rare Witaaspis Silurian Jawless Fish Fossil - sold
Fine Tremataspis mammillata Primitive silurian Jawless Fish Fossil
Leonaspis roemeri Czech Republic Odontopleurid Trilobite
Bear Gulch Fossil Polychaete Worm with Preserved Jaws
Huge Triassic Pinophyta Petrified Wood from Madagascar
Enigmatic Typhloesus Conodont Animal from Bear Gulch
Bondonella Early Cambrian Fallotaspidoid Moroccan Trilobite
Putative Oldest Multicellular Fossils Horodyskia williamsi

2015 - Week 3 New Fossils

Stunning Crotalocephalus Museum Trilobite Now Reduced $1000
Supremely Rare Osteolepis Devonian Lobe-Finned Museum Fish Fossil Part & Counterpart
Large Antrimpos Solnhofen Jurassic Shrimp Fossil
Fine Osteolepis Lobe-Finned Fish from Scotland's Famous Devonian Fossil Fish Beds
Rare Hemithyrsites Oligocene Fossil Fish Carpathian Mountains
Iridescent Hoploscaphites nicolletti Cretaceous Scaphite from Fox Hills
Palaeospondylus Enigmatic Devonian Larval Fish from Caithness Scotland
Detailed Knightia Fish from Fossil Lake Gosiute Site
Green River Diplomystus dentatus Eocene Fish Fossil
Green River Amphiplaga brachyptera Fish Fossil

2015 - Week 2 New Fossils

Museum Osteolepis Ancient Tetrapod Ancestor Lobe-Finned Fish from Scotland
Museum Tristichopterus alatus Devonian Lobe-Finned Fish Tetrapod Ancestor
Caudillaenus Illaenus Moroccan Trilobite with Preserved Holochroal Eye Facets
Massive Asaphid Ordovician Trilobite from Morocco
Newly-Described Moroccan Trilobite Kettneraspis prescheri
Choice Priscacara serrata Fish Fossil from Green River Formation
Knightia Fish Fossils Death Assemblage from Fossil Lake Gosiute
Green River 18 Inch Layer Mioplosus labracoides Fossil Fish
Enigmatic Ediacaran Putative Cnidarian Fossils from Australia
Miocene Fossil Pupfish Aphnius crassicaudush from Italy
Scopeloides Oligocene Fish Fossil from Carpathian Mountains
Paralejurus hamlagdadicus Moroccan Trilobite with Preserved Hypostome

2015 - Week 1 New Fossils

Daspletosaur Tyrannosaurid Dinosaur Tooth from Judith River
Ornithomimus Feathered Theropod Dinosaur Claw from Judith River
Gorgeous Paleoproterozoic Tiger Iron Stromatolite from Pilbara Australia
Aublysodon Theropod Dinosaur Tooth from Hell Creek Formation
Complete Pleistocene Stromatolites Colony from Lake Marion Australia
Primo Flexicalymene retrosa Ordovician Trilobite from Mount Orab in Ohio
Aesthetic Chinchilla Red Petrified Wood Round from Australia
Branchiosaurus Permian Amphibian Fossil from Germany

2014 - Week 51 New Fossils

Walcott-Rust Quarry Achatella achates and Ceraurus Trilobite Duo
Superb Phanerosteon phonax Paleozoic Fish Fossil from Bear Gulch
Museum Taxocrinus and Aulocrinus Crawfordsville Crinoids Rare Pair
Museum Heteropetalus elegantulus Paleozoic Shark Fossil from Bear Gulch
Large Molar of Early Elephant Gomphotherium from China
Phanerosteon phonax Paleozoic Paleoniscoid Fish Fossil from Bear Gulch
Hipposygnathus Seahorse Relative Pipefish Fossils from California
Triassic Conifer Petrified Wood from Madagascar
Triceratops Dinosaur Tooth from Hell Creek in South Dakota
Dalmanites limulurus Silurian Trilobite from Rochester Shale
Dramatically-Spined Ceraurus pleuraxanthemus Trilobite from Walcott-Rust Quarry

2014 - More Week 50 New Fossils

Stunning Boedaspis ensifer Odontopleurid Museum Trilobite from Russia
Museum Male Echinochimaera meltoni Paleozoic Fish Fossil from Bear Gulch
Affordable Caridosuctor Paleozoic Coelacanth Fish Fossil from Bear Gulch Limestone
Elegant Dionide Ordovician Trilobite from Valongo Formation in Portugal
Dactylioceras Jurassic Ammonites Mass Mortality from Germany
RARE Perimecturus Mississippian Bear Gulch Fossil Mantis Shrimp Precursor
Large Mississippian Bear Gulch Coiled Cephalopod Fossil
Desmostylus hesperus Tooth Cluster from California
Bear Gulch Limestyone Brachiopod Fossil with Preserved Natural Shell
Living Fossil Fossil Lingula and Oyster and Sponge Assemblage from Bear Gulch
Fine Mississippian Bear Gulch Fossil Orthocone Nautiloid
Detailed Mississippian Bear Gulch Fossil Crustacean Belotelson

2014 - Week 50 New Fossils

Black Carcharocles megalodon Shark Tooth from South Carolina
Rare Ercaicunia multinodosa Arthropod from Maotianshan Shales
Colorful Cretaceous Ammonite from Madagascar
Strange Globidens Cretaceous Shell Crushing Mosasaur Tooth
Decorative Nautiloid Fossil Cymatoceras from Madagascar
Excellent Hyaenodon Premolar Fossil Tooth from France
Paleozoic Bear Gulch Nematode Worm Fossil

Polished Miocene Whale Rib Fossil Section from Australia
Megalodon Shark Tooth from New Location
Rare Athrotaxis Plant Fossil from Solnhofen Painten Quarry
RARE Bettong Macropodid Marsupial Fossil Jaws from Australia
Cimolodon Multituberculate Hell Creek Cretaceous Early Mammal Tooth

2014 - Week 49 New Fossils

Calymene barnesi Rare Diminutive Silurian Trilobite from Quebec
Rare Silurian Trilobite Calymene nowlani with Hypostome
Excellent Early Cambrian Palaeolenus Guanshan Fauna Trilobite
Elegant Heteromorph Devonian Ammonite from Morocco
Large & Colorful Cretaceous Ammonite from Madagascar
Quality Tyrannosaurus rex Tooth from Hell Creek
Russian Ordovician Trilobite Asaphus Subasaphus platyurus
Ctenothrissa Cretaceous Fossil Fish with Dramatic Finnage
Big Decorative Cymatoceras Nautiloid Fossil from from Madagascar
Colpocoryphe rouaulti Calymenid Ordovician Trilobite from France
Aesthetic Cretaceous Cleoniceras Ammonite from Madagascar
Rare Rielaspis Silurian Encrinurid Trilobite from Quebec
3D Arthroacantha Crinoid from Ontario
Pretty Menomonia semele Utah Trilobite on Red Matrix
Graceful Gargantiana Jurassic Ammonite from France
Large Ordovician Pleurocystites Cystoid Fossil from New York
Fine Phanocrinus Mississippian Crinoids from Alabama
Fine 3D Mississippian Oklahomacrinus Crinoid from Alabama
Illaenus intermedius Russian Ordovician Trilobite
Affordable Worn T-Rex Tooth from the Hell Creek Formation
Excellent Dromaeosaur "Raptor" Dinosaur Tooth from Hell Creek
Asaphus lepidurus Lower Ordovician Russian Trilobite
Large Silurian Gastropod Fossil from Quebec
Silurian Trilobite Rusophycus Ichnofossil from Quebec

2014 - Week 48 New Fossils

Massive Freestanding Drotops megalomanicus Trilobite
Declivolithus Ordovician Trilobite from Morocco
RARE Stygina Ordovician Trilobite from Morocco
Birkenia Silurian Jawless Fossil Fish from Scotland
Varanid Lizard Jaw Fossil with Venom Channel
Cornuproetus cornutus Trilobite with Freestanding Genal Spines
Colorful Dalmanitina Ordovician Trilobite from Morocco
Excellent Hadrosaur Dinosaur Toe Bone From Montana
Richardoestesia Therapod Dinosaur Tooth from Hell Creek
Cut and Polished Dinosaur Bone Section
White Fern Fossil from Saint Clair Pennsylvania
Perfect Seed Fern Fructification from Saint Clair Pennsylvania
Diminutive Cyphaspis Trilobite from Moroccan
Unusual Ordovician 6-Armed True Starfish Fossil
Uncommon Hollardops Type Moroccan Trilobite
Reedops cephalotes hamlagdadianus Trilobite
Uncommon Morocconus nobilis Agnostid Trilbite

2014 - Week 47 New Fossils

Enigmatic Horodyskia williamsi Putative Oldest of the Multicellular Fossils
Detailed Phareodus encaustus Green River Fossil Fish
Enigmatic Horodyskia williamsi Putative Oldest of the Multicellular Fossils
Archaean Banded Iron Stromatolite from Wyoming
Ephyalpes edingunnensis Paleoproterozic Stromatolites from Yelma Australia
Artistically Framed Diplomystus dentatus Fish Fossil from Green River
Artistically Framed Fossil Fish Knightia eocaena from Green River
Colorful Cambrian Mawsonia madaginia Stromatolites from Down Under
Pecopteris Pennsylvanian Tree Fern Fronds from Oregon
Green River Formation Fossil Fish Diplomystus dentatus
Polished Ephyalpes Paleoproterozic Stromatolite from Australia
Cretaceous Needle Fish Fossil from Ramlia Taouz
Artistically Framed Diplomystus dentatus Fish Fossil from Green River

2014 - Week 46 New Fossils

Large Framed Green River Fossil Fish Diplomystus dentatus
Cretaceous Fossil Fish Death Assemblage from Lebanese Lagerstatte
Cretaceous Pycnodont Fossil Fish Ichthyoceros from Lebanese Lagerstatte
Enigmatic Horodyskia williamsi Mesoproterozoic Multicellular Fossil from Australia
Colorful Cambrian Mawsonia Stromatolite from Australia
Artistically Framed Diplomystus dentatus Fish Fossil
Green River Fossil Fish Diplomystus dentatus
Paleocene Stromatolites from Utah's Flagstaff Formation
Large Green River Fossil Fish Mioplosus labracoides
Pachycephalosaur Dinosaur Claw from Hell Creek
Euoplocephalus Armored Dinosaur Tooth in Matrix from Judith River
Jurassic Leptolepis Fish Fossils from Australia's Talbragar Fish Beds
Polished Ephyalpes Paleoproterozic Stromatolite from Australia

2014 - More Week 45 New Fossils

Dorateuthis Vampyromorph Museum Fossil with Extensive Soft Tissue Phosphatic Preservation
Juvenile Rachiteuthis Vampyromorph Coleoid Fossil from Lebanese Lagerstatte
Way Rare Styletoctopus annae Cretaceous Museum Octopus Fossil
Oldest Putative Stromatolites from Strelley Pool in Pilbera Western Australia
Allocrioceras Cretaceous Heteromorphic Ammonite with Soft Tissue Preservation
Cambrian Arthropodichnus Arthropod Ichnofossil from Vermont
Linella avis Neoproterozoic Stromatolite from Bitter Springs Australia
Mesozoic Oncolytic Stromatolite from Australia Kennedy Ranges

2014 - Week 45 New Fossils

Supremely Rare Jersimantis Praying Mantis in Cretaceous Fossil Amber from New Jersey
Rare Anomalocaris Apex Predator of the Cambrian Seas
Strelley Pool Archaean 3.43 Billion Year Old Australian Stromatolites
Spiny Septimopeltis Corynexochid Devonian Moroccan Trilobite
Large Hamatolenus magnus Cambrian Ellipsocephalid Trilobite from Morocco
Detailed Barrandeops lebesus Phacopid Trilobite
Tasmanadia Carboniferous Arthropod Ichnofossil from Tasmania
Cambrian Arthropdichnus Arthropod Trackway Fossil from Vermont
Strelley Pool Archaean Stromatolites Putative Oldest of the Deep Time Fossils
Marbleized Proterozoic Stromatolites from Sweden
Cretaceous Beetle Insect Fossil from Brazil
Dinosaur Era Oncolytic Stromatolites from Australia
Yelma Digitata Cambrian Stromatolites from Oklahoma
Elegant Geocoma Brittlestar Fossil from Solnhofen Jurassic Lagerstatte
Superb Ancyloceras Cretaceous Heteromorph Ammonite
Oncolite Cretaceous Stromatolites from Australia Kennedy Ranges

2014 - Week 44 New Fossils

Stunning Propterus microstomus Museum Fish Fossil from Solnhofen Lagerstätte
Exceptional Myrmicium elegans Fossil Wasp from Solnhofen Lagerstätte
Detailed Codites Fossil Sponge from Solnhofen Lagerstätte
Carcharocles megalodon Shark Tooth Fossil from South Carolina

Jimbacrinus Museum Permian Crinoid Fossil from Down Under
Detailed Palaeoniscoid Paleozoic Fish Fossil from Germany
Ancient Kingaspidoides laetus Ellipsocephalid Trilobite
Superb Nevadia weeksi Early Cambrian Redlichiid Trilobite
Rare Nymphites braueri Solnhofen Lacewing Insect Fossil
Delicate Solnhofen Damselfly Insect Fossil with Floating Crinoids
Detailed Mesonepa Solnhofen Jurassic Water Bug Fossil
Rarely Seen Calymene Silurian Trilobite from Canada
Lambeosaur Hadrosaurid Dinosaur Fossil Toe Bone
Gogia Cambrian Eocrinoid from Wheeler Formation
Large Stephanoceras Ammonite from France
New Barrandeops ovatus Phacopid Trilobite
Centipede-Like Crotalocephalina Phacopid Trilobite
Undescribed Podoliproetus Proetid Moroccan Trilobite
Diminutive Ctenocystis Cambrian Utah Echinoderm Fossils
Gorgeous Tiatea Permian Fern Tree Round from Brazil
Cretaceous Coleopteran Insect Fossil from Brazil's Crato Formation

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