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Dicranurus monstrosus Moroccan Museum Trilobite

Elegant Crotalocephalina Trilobite with Ventral Exposure

Acutiramus Pterygotid Sea Scorpion Fossil from New York

Spine-on-Spine Ceratarges ziregensis Museum Trilobite

Detailed Ordovician Pentremites Blastoid Fossil

Primitive Archaeopteris Devonian Plant Fossil

Fine Myopsolenites altus Redlichiid Cambrian Trilobite

Minicryphaeus minimus Devonian Trilobite Prepared Freestanding

Orbiculoid Brachiopod from Bear Gulch with Preserved Natural Shell

Great Ordovician Radiation Aglaspid Fossil from Morocco

Triassic Dicroidium Seed Fern Fruit Fossil

Colpodexylon deatsii Devonian Clubmoss Tree Fossil

Detailed Ordovician Pleurocystites Cystoid Fossil from Minnesota

Strelley Pool Oldest Archaean Stromatolites

Supremely Rare Cretaceous Praying Mantis in Fossil Amber

Rare Whip Scorpion in Cretaceous Fossil Amber

Dinosaur Era Lacewing Cretaceous Burmite Amber Fossil Insect

Burmite Cretaceous Fossil Amber with Caddisfly

Crane Fly Burmite Cretaceous Fossil Amber

Burmite Cretaceous Fossil Amber with Termite Inclusion

Large Zilchovaspis Phacopida Moroccan Trilobite

Newly Discovered Kettneraspis Moroccan Trilobite

Delicate Cretaceous Starfish Fossils Death Assemblage

Delicate Marocaster Cretaceous Starfish Fossil

Fine Paralejurus Devonian Moroccan Trilobite

Declivolithus Trinucleid Ordovician Trilobite

Rare Calymene Silurian Trilobite from Canada

Huge Megalodon Shark Tooth from Chile

Elatocladus Lower Cretaceous Conifer Plant Fossil from Liaoning

Rare Pteridophyta Cretaceous Plant Fern Fossil from Lebanon

Dictyonema Silurian Graptolite Fossil from Rochester Shale Formation

Showcase Triarthrus Trilobite with Soft Tissue Preserved Legs, Antennae and Eggs

Triarthrus Trilobite with Preserved Legs, Antennae and Eggs

Diminutive Acanthopyge Lichda Museum Trilobite from Jorf

Ordovician Aglaspid Fossil from Fezouata Formation

Undescribed Aff Isoprusia Odontopleurid Museum Trilobite from Jorf

Extremely Rare Gigantopygus Early Cambrian Museum Trilobite

Long-Spined Cyphaspides Moroccan Trilobite

Rare Otarionella lkomalii Proetid Morocco Trilobite

Thysanopeltella Styginid Moroccan Trilobite from Jorf

Colorful Harpes Moroccan Trilobite from Jorf

Cache Creek Dicot and Conifer Plant Fossil Association

Cyphaspides Moroccan Trilobite with Wine Red Preservation

Atrimpos Shrimp Fossil from Solnhofen Germany

Burmite Cretaceous Fossil Amber with Termite

Burmite Cretaceous Fossil Amber with Crane Fly

Burmite Cretaceous Fossil Amber with Cockroach

Burmite Cretaceous Fossil Amber with Flower

Large Clypeaster Echinoid Fossil from Morocco

Cothurnocystis Ordovician Carpoid Fossil from Zagora

Basseiarges and Barrandeops Natural Trilobites Death Assemblage

New Barrandeops ovatus Moroccan Phacopid Trilobite

Rare Harpes & Koneprusia Devonian Trilobites Association from Jorf

Unusual Morocconites malladoides Moroccan Trilobite

Rare Eoharpes aff cristatus Ordovician Trilobite from Zagora

Leonaspis Spiney Lichid Moroccan Trilobite with Red Preservation

Winsome Austerops kermiti Moroccan Trilobite

Superb Kettneraspis williamsi Oklahoma Trilobite

Colorful Austerops smoothops Phacopid Trilobites

Gravicalymene Calymenid Trilobite from New York

Silurian Dalmanites limulurus Trilobite from New York

Remarkably Prepared Acanthopyge Lichda Trilobite from Jorf Morocco

Superb Kayserops megaspina Moroccan Trilobite

Unusual Morocconites malladoides Moroccan Trilobite

Undescribed Pustulose Metascutellum Moroccan Trilobite

Diplomystus dentatus Green River Fossil Fish

Amphiplaga brachyptera Green River Fish Fossil

Large Mioplosus labracoides Green River Fossil Fish

Strelley Pool Archaean Stromatolites Oldest of the Deep Time Fossils

Cretaceous Stromatolites from Bolivia

Stunning Comura bultyncki Moroccan Trilobite Preserved Bicolor

Basseiarges mellishae Museum Trilobites Natural Double

Wine Red Cyphaspides Proetid Moroccan Trilobite

Strelley Pool Archaean Stromatolites Oldest of the Deep Time Fossils

Cretaceous Stromatolites from Bolivia

Exceptionally Preserved Semionotus Fish Fossils Death Assemblage from Massachusettes

Unusual Platillaenus Corynexochid Moroccan Trilobite

Huge Megalodon Shark Tooth from Chile

Colorful Megalodon Shark Tooth from South Carolina

Cf Paraaulacopleura Aulacopleura Proetid Moroccan Trilobites

Rare Xiphogonium cf trautensteinensis Trilobite

Styginid and Proetid Moroccan Trilobites Association

Basseiarges mellishae Museum Trilobites Natural Double

Superb Belenopyge estevei Moroccan Lichida Trilobite

Dipterus Devonian Lung Fish Fossil from Famous Site

Dominican Amber Julid Millipede with Spider and Ant

Superb Kettneraspis Oklahoma Trilobite Prepared by Bob Carroll

Novel Juvenile Moroccan Selenopeltis Trilobites Pair

Exotic Psychopyge elegans Moroccan Trilobite

Stenaster salteri Ordovician Brittlestar Fossil from Ontario Canada

Psaronius Pennsylvanian Tree Fern Petrified Wood Plant Fossil

Liquidamber Petrified Wood Plant Fossil from Oligocene Oregon

Baragwanathia Silurian Vascular Land Plant from Down Under

Cinnamomum Eocene Plant Fossil from Down Under

Callixylon Devonian Petrified Wood from a Transitional Plant

Trimerorhachis Permian Amphibian Museum Fossil from Hennessy Formation in Oklahoma

Cambrian Yelma digitata Stromatolites from Oklahoma

Palaeospondylus Enigmatic Paleozoic Larval Fish Fossil from Scotland

Rare Witaaspis Silurian Jawless Fish Fossil

Rare Selenopeltis gallica Ordovician Moroccan Trilobite

Rare Essentially Complete Ayshaeia Lobopodia Museum Fossil from Cambrian Utah

Fine Pseudocryphaeus minimus Moroccan Trilobite

Superb Triassic Tree Fern Trunk Section from Tasmania Australia

Rare Grasping Appendage of Anomalocaris from Cambrian Nevada

Rare Anomalocaris Oral Disk Fossil from Cambrian Wheeler Shale

Crumillospongia biporosa Cambrian Explosion Fossil Sponge

Detailed Fossil Fish of the Permian Triassic Transition

Eurypholis Viper Fish Predator and Prey Fossils

Artistically Framed Diplomystus dentatus Fish Fossil from Wyoming

Exquisite & Rare Mene rhombea Fish Fossil from Famous Monte Bolca Italian Lagerstätte

Asethetic Kierarges morrisoni Ordovician Trilobite from Zagora

Sphyraena bolcencis Barracuda Museum Museum Fossil from Famous Monte Bolca Quarry

Stunning Spiny Septimopeltis Moroccan Trilobite

Rare and Dramatic Phaetonellus Moroccan Trilobite

Beckwithia typa Cambrian Explosion Aglaspid Fossil from Utah

Ventral Caridosuctor Paleozoic Coelacanth Fish Fossil from Bear Gulch Limestone

Crumillospongia biporosa Cambrian Explosion Fossil Sponge Fossil from Pioche

Uncommon New Genus Orbitoproetus Moroccan Trilobite

Dramatically Spined Leonaspis Moroccan Trilobite

Diminutive Ctenocystis Cambrian explosion Utah Echinoderm Fossils

Serendipitous Museum Lichid Trilobites Pair from Jorh

Stunning Parvilichas marochii Museum Trilobite from Fezouata Formation

Coosella Trilobite with Selkirkia Worm from Cambrian Utah

Precious Ammolite Ammonite from Bearpaw Formation of Canada

World Class Chisternon Turtle Fossil from Green River Lagerstatte in Wyoming

Dramatic Moroccan Devonian Trilobite Kolihapeltis rabatensis

Banffia confusa Enigmatic Chengjiang Biota Vetulicolian Museum Fossil

Exquisite Atractosteus Gar Fish Fossil from Messel Pit

Rare Grasping Appendage of Anomalocaris saron from Nevada

Exceedingly Rare Woolly Rhinoceros Jaw Fossil from Siberia

Syrionautilus Cretaceous Nautilus Fossil from Lebanese Lagerstätte

Juvenile Selenopeltis Trilobite from Morocco

Fine Utaspis marjumensis Trilobite from Marjum Formation

Foulonia Ordovician Moroccan Trilobite from Fezouata Formation

New Type Proetid Moroccan Trilobite from Jorf

Coloful Eremiproetus Moroccan Proetida Trilobite

Pustulose Metascutellum Moroccan Trilobite

Rare Proetopeltis Moroccan Trilobite with Unusual Red Coloration

Unusual Morocconites malladoides Moroccan Trilobite

Colorful Austrops smoothops Phacopid Trilobites

Beautiful Myopsolenites Redlichiid Cambrian Trilobite

Uncommon Pragoproetus Moroccan Trilobite

Rare Cyphaspides Moroccan Trilobite


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