New Fossils for Sale

2016 - Week 32 New Fossils

Museum Acernaspis Trilobite with Preserved Legs, Antennae and Coloration Chromatophores

Dinosaur Era Amber Insect Association with Lacewing Bristletail and Beetle

2016 - Week 31 New Fossils

Inopinatella Primitive Silurian Plant Fossil from Estonia

Agriochoerus Oreodont Skull from White River Chocolate Colored Beauty

Diminutive Eremiproetus Proetid Moroccan Devonian Trilobite

Excellent Acadoparadoxides Redlichiid Cambrian Trilobite

Rare Cheiracanthus Acanthodian Devonian Fossil Fish

2016 - Week 30 New Fossils

Super Spiny Museum Acanthopyge Lichda Trilobite

Striking Jorf Acanthopyge Lichda Museum Trilobite

Dinosaur Era Amber with Exceedingly Rare Mayfly Insect Fossil

Detailed Palaeoniscus Permian Fossil Fish from Germany

Bondonella szduyi Early Cambrian Trilobite Wide Form Type

Macropodid Marsupial Fossil Jaw from Australia

Fine Dinosaur Age Fossil Plant from Liaoning

2016 - Week 28 New Fossils

Ancient Trinucleid Museum Trilobite from Morocco

Declivolithus Trinucleid Ordovician Trilobite from New Location

Corynexochida Moroccan Museum Trilobite with Dramatic Spines

Unusual Ichthodecthid Cretaceous Fish Fossil

Colorful Hollardops mesocriststa Moroccan Devonian Trilobite

Uncommon Hollardops burtandmimiae Trilobite from New Location

Hoploscaphites nicolletti Scaphite from Fox Hills

Well-Preserved Fruiting Bodies of triassic Seed Fern Dicroidium

Primitive Silurian Leveillites Alga Fossil from Estonia

Rainbow Araucarioxylon Trissic Petrified Wood from Arizona

2016 - Week 27 New Fossils

Armored Scabriscutellum lahceni Moroccan Trilobite

Jurassic Araucaria Seed Cone Fossil from Patagonia

Amphiperca Fish Fossil from Messel Pit

Unusual Morocconites malladoides Moroccan Trilobite

Dramatic Scabriscutellum furciferum Moroccan Trilobite

Nephalicephalus beebei Cambrian Ptychopariid Trilobite

New Type Metacanthina Trilobite for Sale

2016 - Week 26 New Fossils

Mrakibina cattoi Moroccan Phacopida Trilobite

Diplomystus dentatus Green River Fossil Fish

Fine Green River Fossil Fish Mioplosus labracoides

Juvenile Green River Fossil Fish Phareodus encaustus

Detailed Lower Permian Walchia Plant Fossil

Diminutive Paciphacops Oklahoma Trilobite

Fine Solenites Oligocene Flower Fossil from France

2016 - Week 25 New Fossils

Koneprusia Museum Trilobite with Holochroal Eye Facets Preserved

Spectacularly Spined Koneprusia Museum Odontopleurid Trilobite

Koneprusia Museum Trilobite with with Unusual Double Axial Spine Rows

Ventral Prepared Kettneraspis williamsi Oklahoma Trilobite by Bob Carroll

Rare Metacanthina maderensis Trilobite for Sale

Cretaceous Fossil Coleopteran from Liaoning

Primitive Silurian Thallophytic Alga from Estonia

Fine 3D Mississippian Oklahomacrinus Crinoid from Alabama

Aesthetic Nankinolithus Ordovician Asaphid Trilobite

2016 - Week 23 New Fossils

Cyphaspides Moroccan Trilobite with Unusual Wine Red Preservation

Streamlined Parahomalonotus Planus Phacopid Trilobite

Artistically-Framed Green River Fossil Fish Priscacara Pair

Cretaceous Pseudoberyx Fossil Fish from Lebanese Lagerstätte

Uncommon Dasyleptus Mazon Creek Monuran Insect Fossil

Huntoniatonia lingulifer Oklahoma Phacopid Trilobite

Barrandeops granulops Moroccan Trilobite with Unusual Wine Red Preservation

Cornuproetus cornutus Moroccan Trilobite With Freestanding Genal Spines

Uncommon Hollardops burtandmimiae Moroccan Trilobite

Uncommon Asaphellus Ordovician Moroccan Trilobite

Large Centricus Razorfish Fossil from Italy

Rare Proetopeltis Moroccan Trilobite with Unusual Wine Red Preservation

Cranefly Insects Fossils Mass Mortality from Green River Formation

2016 - Week 22 New Fossils

Bondonella Early Cambrian Fallotaspidoid Moroccan Trilobite

Leonaspis Moroccan Trilobite with Unusual Wine Red Color Preservation

Gorgeous Lioharpes & Reedops Moroccan Trilobite Natural Association

Mrakibina cattoi Moroccan Phacopid Devonian Trilobite

Paleozoic Eugeneodontid Shark Tooth from Stark Shale Missouri

New Species Acastoides zguilmensis Moroccan Phacopid Trilobite

Carcharodon carcharias Great White Shark Tooth from Atacama Desert

Dramatic Zilchovaspis rugosa Devonian Moroccan Trilobite

2016 - Week 20 New Fossils

See new science page Oklahoma Trilobite Production

Museum Paleolinulus Paleozoic Fossil Horseshoe Crab from Bear Gulch

Exotic Needle Fish Fossil from Lebanese Lagerstätte

Rare Color Araucarioxylon Petrified Wood from Arizona

Superb Sculptoproetus Proetida Trilobite in Flight Pose

Cretaceous Fossil Bonefish Relative from Lebanese Lagerstatte

Large Lower Cretaceous Scorpionfly Fossil from Yixian Formation

Exquisite Lower Cretaceous Wasp Fossil from Yixian Formation

Cretaceous Beetle Insect Fossil from Brazil

Onnia Moroccan Trilobite with Occipital Spine

Ornamentaspis Cambrian Moroccan Trilobite

Diminutive Ordovician Leptaglaspis Aglaspid Fossil

2016 - Week 19 New Fossils

Rare Color Araucarioxylon Petrified Wood from Arizona

Superb Sculptoproetus Proetida Trilobite in Flight Pose

Basseiarges mellishae Recently Described Lichida Trilobite

Metacanthina Moroccan Trilobite Beautifully Prepared Freestanding

Big Colorful Dalmanitina socialis Ordovician Museum Trilobite

Birkenia Anaspid Paleozoic Fish Fossil with Rare Organ Preservation

Psedosaukianda lata Early Cambrian Redlichiid Trilobite

Superb Kalops monophrys Bear Gulch Paleozoic Fossil Fish

Diminutive Ordovician Leptaglaspis Aglaspid Fossil

Lower Permian Fossil Amphibian with Soft Tissue

2016 - Week 18 New Fossils

Dramatic Foulonia Ordovician Trilobite from Zagora

Carycinacanthus Acanthodian Paleozoic Fossil Fish from Russia

Detailed Palaeoniscoid Permian Fish Fossil from Germany

Dramatic Psedosaukianda Early Cambrian Redlichiida Moroccan Trilobite

Enigmatic Silurian Thelodont Fossil Fish from Scotland

Myopsolenites Reliichiida Lower Cambrian Trilobite

Bizzare Walliserops trifurcatus Trident Devonian Trilobite

Huge Paralejurus rehamnanus Devionian Moroccan Trilobite

Dramatic Undescribed moroccan Ordivician Asaphid Trilobite

Kettneraspis Odontopleurid Moroccan Trilobite

Enigmatic Horodyskia williamsi Putative Oldest Multicellular Fossils

Ephyalpes Paleoproterozoic Stromatolites from Australia

Fine Araucarian Conifer Fossil Trunk Section from Tasmania

Fine Solenites Oligocene Flower Fossil from France

Suarornitholestes Dromaeosaurid Dinosaur Tooth from Hell Creek


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