New Fossils for Sale

2016 - Week 3 New Fossils

Museum Grade Rare Lepidasterella Bear Gulch Fossil Starfish with Many Legs

2015 - Week 51 New Fossils

Calymene Trilobite Gem with Legs and Antennae Perserved from Quebec
Harpes Devonian Trilobite Beauty from Jorf
Rare Nettapezoura Cambrian Explosion Arachnomorph
Ceratarges ziregensis Lichida Moroccan Trilobite
Ceratarges koumalii Lichida Moroccan Trilobite
Museum Syringocrinus Carpoid Fossils Assemblage from Quebec
Unusual Morocconites malladoides Moroccan Trilobite
Large Spinosaurus aegyptiacus Dinosaur Tooth Gem
Rare Ercaicunia multinodosa Arthropod from Chengjiang
Fine 3D Mississippian Oklahomacrinus Crinoid from Alabama
Aesthetic Nankinolithus Ordovician Asaphid Trilobite
Pretty Euoplocephalus Ankylosaurid Dinosaur Tooth
Good Spinosaurus aegyptiacus Dinosaur Tooth
Freestanding Minicryphaeus minimus Phacopida Trilobite
Juvenile Spinosaurus aegyptiacus Dinosaur Tooth
Sweet Koneprusites aff bconi Proetid Trilobite

2015 - Still More Week 50 New Fossils

Gigantopygus Early Cambrian Museum Redlichiida Trilobite
Enigmatic Silurian Thelodont Fossil Fish from Scotland
Neltneria Redlichiida Early Cambrian Moroccan Trilobite Rarity
Superb Spinodontochile Moroccan Phacopid Trilobite
Flying Paralejurus Moroccan Corynexochid Trilobite
Diademaproetus Moroccan Proetida Trilobite Gem
Cambrian Explosion Tuzoia Phyllocarid & Nephrolenellus Trilobite
Huntoniatonia lingulifer Oklahoma Trilobite by Black Cat Mountain
Excellent Acadoparadoxides early Cambrian Redichiid Trilobite
Enigmatic Lanarkia horrida Thelodont Fossil Fish from Silurian Scotland
Paciphacops Black Cat Mountain Oklahoma Trilobites
Excellent Cyathocrinites multibrachiatus Crinoid from Crawfordsville
Detailed Dimerocrinites Camerate Silurian Crinoid from Quebec
Rare Mississippian Bear Gulch Fossil Starfish with Many Legs
Triceratops Dinosaur Tooth from Hell Creek
Pachycephalosaur Dinosaur Tooth from Hell Creek
Euoplocephalus Armored Dinosaur Tooth from Montana
Newly Described Moroccan Trilobite Kettneraspis prescheri

2015 - More Week 50 New Fossils

Stygina Corynexochid Ordovician Trilobite from Morocco
Superb Birkenia elegans Silurian Anaspid Jawless Fossil Fish
Bondonella szduyi Early Cambrian Moroccan Trilobite Wide Form
Large & Aesthetic Cleoniceras Cretaceous Ammonite
Big Exquisite Split Cleoniceras Cretaceous Ammonite
Platillaenus Moroccan Trilobite with Preserved Eye Facets
Tuzoia guntheri Decorated Cambrian Explosion Phyllocarid Fossil
Eurypterus remipes Sea Scorpion Death Assemblage
Chlustinia keyserlingi Odontopleurid Moroccan Ordovician Trilobite
Lasanius problematicus Silurian Agnathan Jawless Fossil Fish
Epynomic Acadoparadoxides levisettii Trilobite Named after Riccardo Levi-Setti
Enigmatic Shielia taiti Thelodont Fossil Fish from Silurian Scotland
Large Asterocidaris Jurassic Echinoid Fossil with Associated Spines
Free-Swimming Crinoid Fossils with Associated Brittlestars
Unusual Ordovician Edrioasteroid Fossil from Ontario
Colorful Polished Cleoniceras Cretaceous Ammonite
Big Decorative Cymatoceras Nautiloid Fossil
Kettneraspis Odontopleurid Moroccan Devonian Trilobite
Pennsylvanian Mazon Creek Neuropteris Seed Fern Leaf
New Species Phacops araw Moroccan Phacopid Trilobite

2015 - Week 50 New Fossils

Rare Dinosaur Era Flower in Cretaceous in Fossil Amber
Rare Dinosaur Era Cretaceous Amber with Cockroach
Rare Termierella Early Cambrian Ptychopariid Moroccan Trilobite
Paralejurus spatuliformis Corynexochid Moroccan Trilobite
Plesioberyx Cretaceous Fish Fossil with Soft Tissue Preservation
Daspletosaur Tyrannosaurid Dinosaur Tooth from Judith River
Calymene clavicula Silurian Oklahoma Phacopida Trilobite
Pyritized Triarthrus eatoni Trilobite Lateral Preservation
Cretaceous Nanotyrannus Dinosaur Tooth from Hell Creek
Cretaceous Fossil Plant from Lebanese Lagerstatte
Detailed Modocia brevispina Trilobite from Drum Mountains
Asaphiscus wheeleri Trilobites Pair from Wheeler Shale
Large Hamatolenus Cambrian Moroccan Trilobite
Pyritized Luprisca incuba Ostracod Fossil from New York
Diplomystus dentatus Fish Fossil from Green River
Amphiplaga brachyptera Fish Fossil from Green River
Serranus budensis Fish Fossil from Carpathian Mountains
Stephanoceras Jurassic Ammonite from France
Uncommon Morocconus nobilis Agnostid Trilobite
Brachychampsa Cretaceous Alligator Tooth from Montana
Dinosaur Era Oncolytic Stromatolite from Australia
Gerastos aff cuvieri Trilobite Long Genal Spine Variant

2015 - More Week 49 New Fossils

Rare Dicranocaris guntherorum Cambrian Explosion Arthropod
Enigmatic Oesia disjuncta Cambrian Explosion Metazoan from Marjum Formation
Big Colorful Dalmanitina socialis Ordovician Museum Trilobite
Birkenia Anaspid Paleozoic Fish Fossil with Rare Organ Preservation
Museum Bavarilla zemmourensis Trilobite with Axial Spines
Bizzare Walliserops trifurcatus Trident Devonian Trilobite
Huge Paralejurus rehamnanus Devionian Moroccan Trilobite
Russian Trilobite Pseudoasaphinus tecticaudatus
Ancient Bergeroniellus spinosus Russian Trilobite
Selenopeltis gallica Odontopleurid Trilobite from Fezouata Formation
Rare Xanthopsis carolinensis Crab Fossil from Alabama
Pachyrhinosaurus Dinosaur Tail Vertebra Fossil
Rare Polydesmid Millipede in Dominican Amber
Detailed Triplomystus Cretaceous Fish from Lebanese Lagerstätte
Iridescent Discoscaphites conradi Scaphite from Fox Hills
Edmontosaurus Duck-Bill Dinosaur Tooth from Hell Creek
Rare Meniscoessus Mammal Tooth Fossil from Hell Creek
Enigmatic Horodyskia williamsi Putative Oldest Multicellular Fossils
Ephyalpes Paleoproterozoic Stromatolites from Australia
Clupeidae and Triplomystus Cretaceous Fish Fossil Association
Gorgeous Chinchilla Permian Petrified Wood from Australia
Gorgeous Tiatea Petrified Fern Tree Round from Brazil

2015 - Week 49 New Fossils

Rare Dinosaur Age Centipede in Cretaceous Fossil Amber from Myanmar
Rare Pseudoscorpion in Cretaceous Fossil Amber from Hukawng Valley
Enigmatic Lanarkia Thelodont Fish Fossil from the Silurian of Scotland
Birkenia Silurian Anaspid Fish Fossil with Distinctive Ornamentation
Exceptional Lasanius Anaspid Fossil Fish from the Silurian of Scotland
Pustulose Metascutellum Moroccan Corynexochid Trilobite
Striking Nematonutus Fish Fossil from Cretaceous Lebanese Lagerstätte
Steneosaurus Jurassic Crocodile from Yorkshire Coast of England
Crato Formation Museum Cordulagomphus Dragonfly Fossil
Life-like 3D Orbitoplax Eocene Crab Fossil from Oregon
Detailed Eurypterid Sea Scorpion Eurypterus remipes
Choice Priscacara serrata Fish Fossil from Green River
Fine Tremataspis mammillata Primitive Jawless Fish
Hardistella montanensis Lamprey from Bear Gulch Limestone
Superb Kalops monophrys Paleozoic Fossil Fish from Heath Shale
Uncommon Apateopholis Cretaceous Predatory Fish Fossil
Edmontosaurus Hadrosaurid Dinosaur Tooth from Hell Creek
Exquisite Polished Phylloceras Cretaceous Ammonite
Five Aesthetic Fossil Ferns Plate from Arkansas
Large Jurassic Orthopteran Insect Fossil from Juilongshan Formation
Great Ordovician Radiation Didymograptus Graptolite Fossils
Impressionistic Peanut Wood Cretaceous Petrified Wood from Australia

2015 - Week 48 New Fossils

Dramatic Widebody Psedosaukianda Early Cambrian Trilobite
Excellent Hamatolenus Cambrian Moroccan Trilobite
Bondonella szduyi Early Cambrian Fallotaspidoid Museum Trilobite
Undescribed Odontopleurid Ordovician Trilobite from Canada
Three Dimensional Jimbacrinus Permian Museum Crinoid Fossil
Meadowtownella trentonensis Odontopleurid Trilobite Quebec
Bizarre Walliserops Short-Forked Trident Phacopida Trilobite
Dramatic Metacanthina issoumourensis Trilobite In Flight Pose
Nankinolithus and Cyclopyge Moroccan Trilobites Association
Fine Enigmatic Chancelloria Fossil from Utah
Colorful Cretaceous Chambered Nautiloid Fossil
Douvilleiceras mammilatum Cretaceous Ammonite
Cretaceous Coleopteran Fossil from Crato Formation in Brazil
Diminutive Cyphaspis Moroccan Otarionid Trilobite
Obscure Physodoceras wolfi Jurassic Ammonite from Kenya
Cymatoceras Cretaceous Nautiloid Fossil
Fine Metacanthina issoumourensis Devonian Moroccan Trilobite

2015 - Week 47 New Fossils

RARE Anomalocaris Oral Disk Fossil from Utah's Marjum Fornation
Rare Elrathia Marjum Formation Trilobite with Pathology
Enigmatic Chancelloria Fossil from Markum Formation
Unusual Ordovician Edrioasteroid Fossil Assemblage from Canada
Leonaspis Dramatically Spined Moroccan Trilobite
Undescribed Otarionid Moroccan Devonian Trilobite
Ectenocrinus Ordovician Crinoids from Canada
Undescribed Walliserops Short Fork Trident Comura Variant Museum Trilobite
Unusual Diademaproetus antatlasiusi Moroccan Trilobite
Harpagofututor Bear Gulch Fossil Shark and Coprolite Association

Eye-Catching Douvilleiceras Cretaceous Ammonite
Striking Polished Puzosia Cretaceous Ammonite
Gogia spiralis Cambrian Dawn Crinoid from Utah
Enigmatic Castericystis vali Carpoid Fossil from Marjum Formation

2015 - Week 46 New Fossils

Way Way Rare Hallucigenia Lobopodian Fossil fro m the Marjjum Formation of Utah
Undescribed Walliserops Short Fork Trident Comura Variant Museum Trilobite
Massive Dikelocephalina brenchleyi Ordovician Trilobite from Fezouata Shales
Exotic Cretaceous Needle Fish Fossil from Lebanese Lagerstätte
Superb Acrosalenia Jurassic Echinoid Death Assemblage from France
Metacanthina Moroccan Trilobite Prepared Freestanding
Superb Kalops monophrys Paleozoic Fossil Fish from Bear Gulch
Supremely Rare Cretaceous Praying Mantis in Fossil Amber
New Thysanopeltis Type C Moroccan Trilobite With Fringed Pygidium
Large Belotelson magister Mazon Creek Fossil Crustacean
Fine Modocia Trilobites Assemblage from Marjum Formation

2015 - Week 45 New Fossils

Neltneria termieri Early Cambrian Redlichiid Trilobite from Issafen
Rare Aff Psedosaukianda lata Early Cambrian Redlichiid Trilobite Association
Museum Aff Longianda termierii Lower Cambrian Redlichiida Trilobite from Issafen
Undescribed Otarionid Moroccan Devonian Trilobite
Unusual Diademaproetus antatlasiusi Moroccan Trilobite

Harpagofututor Bear Gulch Fossil Shark and Coprolite Association
Juvenile Mississippian Paleonisciformes Bear Gulch Fossil Fish
Iridescent Hoploscaphites nicolletti Cretaceous Scaphite from Fox Hills
Iridescent Discoscaphites conradi Scaphite from Fox Hills
Gingko dissecta Plant Fossil from Eocene McAbee Fossil Beds
Paralejurus hamlagdadicus Moroccan Trilobite with Preserved Hypostome
Diminutive Short Spined Cyphaspis Moroccan Trilobite

2015 - Week 44 New Fossils

Rare Lanceaspis hammondi Trilobite with Exceptionally Long Rostrum
Massive Spinosaurus aegyptiacus Dinosaur Tooth
Peipiaosteus pani Jurassic cartilaginous Fossil Fish from Liaoning
Furca mauretanica Ordovician Marellomorph Arthropod
Unusual Paralejurus Moroccan Trilobite Pair
Fine Mecochirus Lobster Fossil from Solnhofen Lagerstatte
Fine Spinosaurus aegyptiacus Cretaceous Dinosaur Tooth
Exquisitely-Preserved Lower Cretaceous Crayfish Fossil
Fine Gogia Middle Cambrian Utah Eocrinoid Fossil
Detailed Green River Formation Dipteran Fossil
Kettneraspis Odontopleurid Moroccan Trilobite
Intricate Lygodiumi Climbing Fern Fossil from Bonanza Utah
Delicate Crioceras Heteromorph Cretaceous Ammonite from France
Juvenile Green River Fossil Fish Mioplosus labracoides
Artistically Framed Diplomystus dentatus Fish Fossil

2015 - Week 43 New Fossils

Undescribed Odontopleurid Museum Trilobite from Jorf Morocco
Gigantopygus papillatus Early Cambrian Museum Trilobite
Neltneria Early Cambrian Redlichiida Museum Trilobite from Morocco
Rare Selenopeltis and Asaphellus Trilobite Association
Huge Triassic Conifer Petrified Wood from Madagascar
Rare Palaeopriapulites parvus Priapulid from Chengjiang
Nankinolithus and Cyclopyge Ordovician Trilobite Association
Large Nankinolithus Ordovician Trinucleioid Trilobite
Paleozoic Polychaete Annelid Worm Fossil from Bear Gulch
Unusual Morocconites malladoides Devonian Trilobite
Eurypholis Cretaceous Predatory Viper Fish Fossil
Aviculopecten Mississippian Bivalve Fossil from Bear Gulch
Unusual Mississippian Tunicate Fossils from Bear Gulch
Enigmatic Mississippian Bear Gulch Conularid Fossil

Orbiculoid Brachiopod from Bear Gulch with Preserved Natural Shell
Enigmatic Paleozoic Bear Gulch Strepsodus Fish Fossil Scale

2015 - Week 42 New Fossils

Exceedingly Rare Complete Coosella kieri Cambrian Trilobite
Large Spinosaurus aegyptiacus Cretaceous Dinosaur Tooth
Extremely Rare Witaaspis Silurian Jawless Fish Fossil
Rare Chlustinia keyserlingi Odontopleurid Trilobite
Superb Waptia ovata Arthropod from Chengjiang with Soft Tissue
Rare Heliopeltis johnsoni Devonian Corynexochid Trilobite
Superb Acrosalenia Jurassic Echinoid Death Assemblage from France
Metacanthina Moroccan Trilobite Prepared Freestanding
Large Antrimpos Shrimp Fossil from Solnhofen Lagerstatte
Juvenile Eurypterus remipes Sea Scorpion Fossil from New York
Carboniferous Tunicate Fossil from  Heath Shale of Montana
Minicryphaeus minimus Phacopid Trilobite Prepared Freestanding
Choice Gerastos morocensis Moroccan Proetid Trilobite
Richardoestesia Therapod Dinosaur Tooth from Hell Creek
Cinnamomum Eocene Plant Fossil from Down Under
Oryctocephalus Corynexochid Trilobites from Kaili Formation
Primitive Eocene Raninoides Crab Fossil from Washington State
Exquisite Cleoniceras besairei Cretaceous Ammonite Fossil
Unknown Cambrian Annelid Worm Fossil from Utah
Annelid Carboniferous Annelid Worm Fossil from Bear Gulch
Fine Aenigmacaris Paleozoic Shrimp Fossil from Bear Gulch
Pediomys Dinosaur Age Marsupial Mammal Tooth from Hell Creek
Unusual Paleozoic Tunuicate Fossil from Bear Gulch

2015 - Week 40 New Fossils

Primitive Tremataspis schmidti Silurian Jawless Fish Fossil
Lichas marocanus Ordovician Lichida Trilobites Death Assemblage
Huge Pseudocryphaeus Moroccan Phacopid Trilobite
Supremely Rare Oeselaspis Silurian Jawless Fish Fossil
Spectacular Cornuproetus cornutus Trilobite Prepared Freestanding
Streamlined Parahomalonotus planus Moroccan Phacopid Trilobite
Black Megalodon Shark Tooth Fossil from South Carolina
Diagonella Sponge Fossils from Triarthrus Pyritized Trilobite Site
Unusually Spined Cyphaspis Moroccan Trilobite Prepared Freestanding
Massive Nothrotheriops Ground Sloth Skull Museum Fossil
Awesome Pleistocene Megaloceros - Giant Elk - Jaw Fossil from Germany
Chirostenotes Oviraptorosaur Dinosaur Tail Bone Fossil from Hell Creek
Coltraenia oufatenensis Phacopida Trilobite Prepared Freestanding
Cut and Polished Dinosaur Bone Section
Artistic Craspedites nodiger Jurassic Ammonite
Cymatoceras Cretaceous Nautiloid Fossil from Madagascar
Fine Desmoceras latidorsatum Cretaceous Ammonite
Rare Ogygopsis typicalis Trilobite from an Alien Location

Kettneraspis Odontopleurid Moroccan Devonian Trilobite
Diminutive Cornuproetid Moroccan Devonian Trilobite
Excellent Cyathocrinites Mississippian Crinoid from Crawfordsville Indiana
Suarornitholestes Dromaeosaurid Dinosaur Tooth from Hell Creek

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