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2015 - Week 31 New Fossils

Superb Isotelus gigas Trilobite from famous Walcott-Rust Quarry
Juvenile Beckwithia Cambrian Aglaspid Fossil
Exocoetoides Cretaceous Flying Fish Fossil from Lebanon
Fine Cretaceous Nautiloid Fossil from Madagascar
Fine Split Desmoceras latidorsatum Cretaceous Ammonite
Polished Craspedites Jurassic Ammonite from Russia
Suarornitholestes Dromaeosaurid Dinosaur Tooth from Hell Creek
Edmontosaurus Hadrosaurid Dinosaur Tooth from Hell Creek

2015 - Week 30 New Fossils

Fine Rooted Triceratops Dinosaur Tooth from Hell Creek
Unusual Ichthodecthid Cretaceous Fish Fossil
Large Exotic Asterocidaris Jurassic Echinoid Fossil
Mecochirus Lobster Fossil from Solnhofen Lagerstatte
Colorful Split Cleoniceras besairei Cretaceous Ammonite
Fine Polished Desmoceras Cretaceous Ammonite
Gorgeous Tiatea Permian Petrified Fern Tree Round from Brazil
Dromaeosaur Theropod Dinosaur Hand Claw from Cretaceous
Branchiocaris yunnanensis Arthropod from Maotianshan Shales
Cretaceous Beetle Insect Fossil from Crato Formation
Cretaceous Wasp Insect Fossil from Crato Formation
Fine Cretaceous Cockroach Insect Fossil in Flight Pose
Serrated Troodontid Dinosaur Tooth from Hell Creek
Fine Euoplocephalus Ankylosaurid Dinosaur Tooth from Two Medicine Formation

2015 - Week 24 New Fossils

Ancient Kingaspidoides brevifrons Cambrian Trilobite
Lower Cambrian Bondonella Early Cambrian Fallotaspidoid Trilobite
Ordovician Xiphosurid Horseshoe Crab Ancestor with Preserved Chelicerae
Intricate Lygodiumi Climbing Fern Fossil from Bonanza Utah
Excellent Populus wilmattae Plant Fossil Leaf from Green River
Diminutive Ordovician Aglaspid Fossil from Fezouata Formation

2015 - Week 23 New Fossils

Excellent Cretaceous Dromaeosaur Dinosaur Hand Claw
Judith River Ornithomimus Feathered Theropod Dinosaur Claw
Fine Dromaeosaurid Theropod Dinosaur Hand Claw
Raptorial Arthropod Limb Fossil from Ordovician Fezouata Formation
Rare Stygina Ordovician Corynexochid Trilobite from Morocco
Xiphosurid Horseshoe Crab Ancestor with Preserved Limbs
Diminutive Ordovician Aglaspid Fossil from Fezouata Formation

2015 - Week 22 New Fossils

Unusual Cf Baniaspis Ordovician Phacopid Trilobite
Delicate Metacanthina Trilobite for Sale Prepared Freestanding
Rare Aff Psedosaukianda Redlichiid Trilobite from Issafen Formation
Coltraenia oufatenensis Phacopida Trilobite Prepared Freestanding
Diminutive Minicryphaeus minimus Moroccan Phacopid Trilobite
Delicate Paleocene Weltonia ancistrodon Shark Tooth
Euoplocephalus Armored Dinosaur Tooth from Montana
Excellent Pachycephalosaur Dinosaur Tooth from Hell Creek
Eugeneodontid Paleozoic Primitive Shark Tooth from Missouri
Uncommon Onchopristis Cretaceous Sawfish Rostral Tooth Fossil

2015 - Week 21 New Fossils

Bothriolepis canadensis Placodermi Armored Jawless Fish from Escumiac Bay
Pyritized Triarthrus New York Trilobite with Soft Tissue Preservation
Pyritized Luprisca incuba Ordovician Ostracod Fossil Demonstrating Brood Care
Dramatic Furca mauretanica Lower Ordovician Marellomorph
Diagonella Sponge Fossils from New York Pyritized Triarthrus Trilobite Site
Eudolatites Dalmanitid Moroccan Ordovician Trilobite Possible New Species
Pedinopariops "Smiley" Phacops Devonian Trilobite from Morocco
Bug-Eyed Coltraenia oufatenensis Moroccan Phacopid Trilobite
Uncommon Hollardops burtandmimiae Moroccan Trilobite
Unusual Paralejurus aff behemicus Moroccan Trilobite

2015 - Week 20 New Fossils

Museum Ichthyosaurus communis Ichthyosaur Fossil Rostrum from Charmouth
Tylosaurus proriger Mosasaur Snout from the Niobrara Formation of Kansas
Striking Arctinurus boltoni Silurian Emperor of North American Trilobites
Rare Dimerocrinites elegans Silurian Crinoid Assemblage from Quebec
Unusual Discosauriscus Lower Permian Amphibian Fossils from Czech Republic
Uncommon Seymouria baylorensis Lower Permian Amphibian Fossil from Texas
Gorgeous Chinchilla Red Petrified Wood Round from Australia
Elegant Solnhofen Geocoma Brittlestar Fossil
Triassic Conifer Petrified Wood from Madagascar
Impressionistic Peanut Wood Cretaceous Petrified Wood from Australia

2015 - Week 19 New Fossils

World Class Free Standing Quadrops flexuosa Phacopid Trilobite
Onychodictyon Chengjiang Biota Lobopodian with Superbly Preserved Limbs
Isoxys auritus Chengjiang Maotianshan Shales Arthropod with Preserved Eyes
Superbly Preserved  Pyritized Triarthrus eatoni Trilobite from Lorraine Shale
Dromaeosaur Theropod Dinosaur Humerus Bone from Hell Creek
Struthiomimus Theropod Dinosaur Toe Bone from Hell Creek
Plesioberyx Cretaceous Fish Fossil with Remarkable Soft Tissue Preservation
Detailed Lebonichthys Cretaceous Lebanese Fossil Fish from Lebanese Lagerstatte
Aipichtys Grazing Fish Fossil from Lebanese Lagerstätte
Regal Parkinsonia Jurassic Ammonite from Germany
Choice Rooted Leidysuchus Cretaceous Crocodile Tooth
Exocoetoides Cretaceous Flying Fish Fossil from Lebanese Lagerstatte
Ctenothrissa Cretaceous Fish Fossil from Lebanese Lagerstatte
Eurypholis Cretaceous Viper Fish Fossil from Lebanese Lagerstatte

2015 - Week 18 New Fossils

Homotelus bromidensis Ordovician Oklahoma Trilobites Death Assemblage
Tanglangia longicaudata Exceptionally Rare Chengjiang Arthropod
Lingulellotreta malongensis Ancient Chengjiang Biota Brachiopod
Devonian Osteolepis Lobe-Finned Fish Tetrapod Ancestor from Scotland
Rare Gerastos catervus Trilobite from France

2015 - Week 17 New Fossils

Rare Acanthopyge consanguinea Oklahoma Trilobite with Associated Hypostome
Exceedingly Spiny Drotops armatus Phacopid Devonian Trilobite
Rare Rail-Like Eocene Fossil Bird Songzia heidangkouensis
Carcharocles megalodon Shark Tooth from South Carolina
Chirostenotes Oviraptorosaur Dinosaur Tail Bone Fossil from Hell Creek
Cretaceous Fossil Plant from Lebanese Lagerstatte
Misszhouia Naraoiid Arthropod from Chengjiang with Exceptional Interior Preservation
Dramatically Spined Kayserops megaspina Devonian Phacopid Trilobite

2015 - Week 16 New Fossils

Rare Richterops falloti Early Cambrian Trilobites
Diminutive Maurotarion axitiosum Trilobites Prepared by Bob Carroll
Fine Cordania falcata Oklahoma Trilobite Prepared by Bob Carroll
Huntoniatonia lingulifer Oklahoma Trilobite Prepared by Bob Carroll
Uncommon Kettneraspis williamsi Type A Trilobite from Bois d’Arc Formation
Superb Kettneraspis williamsi Oklahoma Trilobite from Haragan Formation
Ctenothrissa Cretaceous Fossil Fish with Dramatic Finnage
Dicot and Conifer Plant Fossil Association from Tranquille Shale of Canada
Stichocentrus Cretaceous Fish Fossil from Lebanese Lagerstatte
Large Solnhofen Germany Brittlestar Fossil
Rare Branchiocaris Arthropod from Maotianshan Shales
Delicate Crioceras loryi Cretaceous Heteromorph Ammonite from France
Prone Paciphacops campbelli Oklahoma Trilobite from Haragan Formation
Diminutive Nankinolithus Ordovician Trinucleid Trilobite

2015 - Week 15 New Fossils

Gorgeous and Fine Zilchovaspis rugosa Moroccan Trilobite
Immense Ogygiocarella debuchi Ordovician Trilobite from Whales
Foulonia Cheirurid Ordovician Trilobite from Fezouata Formation
Freestanding Crotalocephalina Devonian Phacopid Trilobite
Museum Chengjiang Biota Onychodictyon Lobopodian with Preserved Sclerites and Claws
Rare Gigantopygidae Early Cambrian Redlichiid Trilobite from Issafen Formation
Pseudoarctolepis sharpi Phyllocarid Fossil from Cambrian Utah
Eurypterid Silurian Sea Scorpion Eurypterus remipes from New York
Large Hamatolenus magnus Ellipsocephalid Cambrian Moroccan Trilobite
Large Lobopyge Moroccan Lichid Devonian Trilobite
Superb Kettneraspis williamsi Odontopleurid Oklahoma Trilobite
Large & Superb Eryon arctiformis Decapoda Fossil from Germany's Solnhofen Lagerstatte
Effaced Parahomalonotus planus Phacopid Trilobite
Diminutive Ctenocystis Cambrian Utah Echinoderm Fossils
Colpocoryphe rouaulti Calymenid Trilobite from France
Cylindroteuthis Jurassic Belemnite from UK
Undescribed Silurian Brittlestar Fossil from Down Under
Fine Solenites Oligocene Flower Fossil from France
Rare Isabelinia glabrata Asaphid Trilobite from Valongo Portugal
Otarion diffractum Silurian Trilobite from Czech Republic
Showy Elrathia kingii Trilobites Mass Mortality
Ormathops clariondi Dalmanitid Ordovician Trilobite
Colorful Split Cleoniceras besairei Cretaceous Ammonite
Fine Polished Desmoceras Cretaceous Ammonite
Delicate Polished Cleoniceras Cretaceous Ammonite
Striking Polished Puzosia Cretaceous Ammonite
Exquisite Polished Phylloceras Cretaceous Ammonite
Devonian Cruziana Trilobite Ichnofossil

2015 - Week 14 New Fossils

Walliserops hammi Devonion Phacopida Trilobite with More Than 50 Spines Prepared
Pachycormus Museum Fossil Fish from the Famous Holzmaden Lagerstatte of Germany
Spine-on-Spine Ceratarges ziregensis and Phacops Trilobites Natural Association

2015 - Week 13 New Fossils

Museum Cyclurus keheri Bowfin Fish Fossil from Germany's Messel Pit
Elusive and Diminutive Lonchocephalus plena Cambrian Trilobite from Utah
Excellent Myopsolenus Ellipsocephalid Cambrian Moroccan Trilobite
Rhabdolepis Palaeoniscoid Permian Fish Fossil from Germany
Rare Protolenus Ellipsocephalid Early Cambrian Moroccan Trilobite
Excellent Hamatolenus Ellipsocephalid Cambrian Moroccan Trilobite
Fine Lower Cretaceous Fossil Plant from Liaoning
Parabolina Trilobite Ptychopariid Ordovician Trilobite from Argentina
Flexicalymene and Isotelus Trilobites Association from Ohio
Araucarian Jurassic Conifer Fossil Trunk Section from Tasmania
Mississippian Bear Gulch Living Fossil Lingula and Oyster Assemblage
Cache Creek Dicot and Conifer Plant Fossil Association

2015 - Week 12 New Fossils

Podolaspis lerichei Devonian Jawless Fish Fossil
Lonchodomas drummuckensis Trilobite from Scotland
Paladin transilis Carboniferous Proetid Trilobite from Russia
Superb Kalops monophrys Paleozoic Fossil Fish from Bear Gulch Lagerstatte
Fine Discoserra Mississippian Bear Gulch Fish Fossil
Detailed Aenigmacaris Mississippian Bear Gulch Fossil Shrimp
Mecochirus Lobster Fossil from Solnhofen Lagerstatte
New Species Uralichas Lichida Trilobite from Zagora
Cyphaspis eberhardiei Moroccan Proetida Trilobite
Sairocaris Paleozoic Phyllocarid Fossil from Bear Gulch Lagerstatte
Lebonichthys Cretaceous Fish Fossil from Lebanese Lagerstatte
Kotlarczykia Oligocene Fossil Fish from Carpathian Mountains of Poland
Hemithyrsites Oligocene Fossil Fish from Carpathian Mountains of Poland
Tyrannophontes Bear Gulch Fossil Mantis Shrimp Precursor
Pteraspis rostrata Heterostracan Denonian Jawless Fish Fossil

2015 - Week 11 New Fossils

Supremely Rare Cornuproetus Trilobite with Pyritized Soft Tissue Legs and Antennae Preserved
Fine Hulettia Jurassic Fossil Fish from New Mexico
Rare Paleozoic Bear Gulch Fish Fossil Fubarichthys
Unique Xyne Miocene Fossil Fishes Mass Mortality from California
Spectacular Erbenochile erbeni Moroccan Phacopid Trilobite
Spectacularly Spined New Type Koneprusia aff dahmani Odontopleurid Trilobite
Rare Chlustinia keyserlingi Odontopleurid Trilobites Death Assemblage
Dramatically Prepared Hollardops Trilobite with Superb Schizochroal Eyes
Spectacular Belenopyge Museum Trilobite Prepared in Freestanding Mode
Immense Gravicalymene Trilobite from New York's Utica Shale
Caridosuctor Paleozoic Coelacanth Fish Fossil from the Bear Gulch Lagerstatte
Cretaceous Poisonous Fossil Fish from Lebanese Lagerstatte
Juvenile Harpagofututor Paleozoic Bear Gulch Fossil Shark
Rare Mississippian Bear Gulch Fossil Mantis Shrimp Precursor
Artistically Framed Fossil Fish Diplomystus dentatus
Scopeloides Oligocene fish Fossil from Carpathian Mountains
Oxypteriscus minimus Paleozoic Fish Fossil from Siberia
Diplomystus Fish Fossil from Green River Formation

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