RARE Dominican Amber Julid Millipede with Spider and Ant

Fossil Amber

Class Diplopoda, Order Julida

Also Arachnida and Hymenoptera

Geological Time: Upper Eocene - Lower Oligocene

Size (25.4mm = 1 inch): Amber: 25 mm long , 17 mm across, Millipede: 8 mm

Fossil Site: Region near Santiago, Dominican Republic

Code: DA7001

Price: Sold

Dominican Amber MillipedeDescription: This fine amber piece displays a rare julid millipede in Dominican amber. Modern julids are worm or snake millipedes, and are an extant millipede order. Millipedes are far more rare as inclusions in amber than the more common flies, beetles, and spiders. As a consequence they always command a high price. This one is found with a spider and an ant, making for a fine association piece from the amber forest.

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RARE Dominican Amber Julid Millipede with Spider and Ant
Spider and Ant

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