Exceedingly Rare Woolly Rhinoceros Jaw Fossil

Coelodonta antiquitatus

Order Perissodactyla, Family Rhinocerotidae

Geological Time: Pleistocene (~ 50,000 years old)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Fossil is 330 mm long by 160 mm tall

Fossil Site: Siberia, Russia

Code: FGF09

Price: Sold

Coelodonta Woolly Rhinoceros Jaw FossilDescription: A spectacular example of a right mandible of the Woolly Rhinoceros, this rare specimen comes from Pleistocene deposits of Siberia estimated at 50,000 years of age, This one has been stabilized to prevent further damage to such an old specimen. These rhinoceros are Woolly Rhinoceroscommonly termed “wooly rhinos” due to their adaptation to the cold. Like the wooly mammoth, they had two types of hair: a coarse guard hair and a fine underfur for insulation. They first appeared some 350,000 years ago, and may have lived as recently as 10,000 years ago. Near the end of their reign, they extended from South Korea all the way to Scotland, and probably had the widest distribution of any rhinoceros. That they were found in association with man can be seen from 30,000 year old cave paintings in France. This one comes from a juvenile specimen. Notice the as yet unerupted back tooth in the jaw. It comes ready to display on a custom-made base, suitable for home or office.

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