World Class Green River Turtle Fossil

An exquisitely preserved Hatchling

Chisternon undulatum

Class Reptilia, Order Testudines, Suborder Cryptodira, Family Baenidae

Geological Time: Early Eocene (~ 50 million years ago)

Size: Turtle fossil is 93 mm long (tip of skull to tip of tail along backbone) Shell: 30 mm by 35 mm. Skull: 10 mm by 11 mm Matrix: 113 mm by 115 mm

Fossil Site: Green River Formation, Fossil Lake, Kemmerer, Wyoming

Fossil Code: GRT01

Price: Sold

Green River Turtle Fossil Chisternon undulatumThis is a world-class fossil of a hatchling turtle known as Chisternon undulatum. It is one of two genera of baenid turtles found in the Green River Formation. As of the publication of Lance Grande’s book some dozen complete specimens were known, of which two were complete hatchlings figured in his book. This one is some 20 mm smaller yet than either figured in his book, so it is even younger. Note the outer rim of the shell is only delineated by small pieces of bone as there was much more ossification to occur as the hatchling grew. I was fortunate to obtain this specimen at the 2017 Tucson Fossil Show, and am pleased to offer it to the collecting community. There is minimal restoration, with only minor touchups to the skull, sacral region, and a few toes. To help protect it the specimen has been affixed to a backing for greater strength.

Reference: Grande, Lance; The Lost World of Fossil Lake, 2013; pp 190-193.

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