Pathological Ceratarges Trilobite

Ceratarges aff aries

Trilobites Order Lichida, Family Lichidae

Geological Time: Middle Devonian, Eifellian Stage

Size: Ceratarges trilobite is 65 mm long by 43 mm wide (including spines) on a 70 mm by 85 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Cyphaspis eximia Layer, El Otfal Formation, Mrakib, Morocco

Fossil Code: 19004

Price: Sold

Description: This trilobite is a member of the Order Lichida, Family Lichidae from the Devonian deposits of Ofaten, Morocco known as a member of the genus Ceratarges. This one much like Ceratarges aries which was assigned a species name a few years ago the source of which is derived from the fact that the spines of the head are reminiscent of a ram. It is the rarest of the three newly-described Ceratarges. Indeed, it only represented some 5 percent of the specimens found at the type locality. The dramatic cephalic spines have been prepared freestanding. What is most unusual about this one is the deformed left occipital spine, the result of an injury earlier in life. While the injury healed, this deformation was the result. While I am used to seeing various Scutellids and examples of Elrathia kingii with healed bite marks, this is the first such pathology of this type. It is an excellent example of the taxon with numerous bizarre features. Even the hypostome is preserved.

See my other offerings for yet other specimens of the genus, a Ceratarges aff aries natural double and a Ceratrges koumalii.

Reference: Geologica Belgica (2011) 14, 3/4, pp 193-202.

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