Fine Mazon Creek Annularia Fossil

Annularia stellata

Division Pteridophyta, Class Equisetopsida, Order Equisetales, Family Calamitaceae

Geological Time: Pennsylvanian (~300 m.y.a.)

Size: Plant fossil is 95 mm long by 42 mm across (maximum) Matrix: 115 mm by 75 mm nodule half

Fossil Site: Mazon Creek, Francis Creek Shale, Coal City, Illinois

Code: MZF31

Price: Sold

Description: The Mazon Creek deposits of the region near Braidwood, Illinois rival the other famous Lagerstatte of the Burgess Shale, Solnhofen, and Liaoning for the variety of detailed life preserved. Many exquisitely-preserved specimens are found in the ironstone nodules that make up the deposits. The majority of collecting areas are the spoil heaps of abandoned coal mines. This particular nodule comes from Mazon Creek itself. This fine specimen is a member of the Calamitales which belong to the Sphenophytes. Whorls of small leaflets are arranged concentrically around a thin stem and are called Annularia or Asterophyllites. Calamites itself is the name originally given to a stem section, but now applies to the entire plant. These were indicative of humid to wet habitats such as along rivers and lake shores. This is a fine example which fills its enclosing nodule with three star-shaped leaf whorls.

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