Selenopeltis buchii Odontopleurid Trilobite with Trace Fossils

Selenopeltis buchii

Trilobites Order Lichida, Family Odontopleuridae

Geological Time: Upper Ordovician, Tremadoc Age (~ 455 million years ago)

Size: Trilobite is 100 mm long by 80 mm wide (with spines); Trace Fossils: 6-8 mm all on a 150 mm by 185 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Izegguirene Formation, Bou Nemrou , Djebel Tijarfaiouine, El Kaid Errami, Morocco

Code: 18131

Price: Sold

Selenopeltis buchii Description: Here is a smaller example of one of the largest trilobites of the Order Lichida, Family Odontopleuridae known as Selenopeltis buchii. This particular genus derives its name from the dramatic pleural spines. What is unusual about this particular specimen is the presence of several circular dark-colored patches. These are the attachment sites are those of epibionts, particularly Edrioasteroids. The stains to this internal mold example are caused by iron deposits. The fine sandstone afforded little opportunity for anchor sites which are needed for these obligate encrusters, so the Edrioasteroids had to make do with whatever was available. They have been found encrusting conularids, rhombiferans, nautilods, and as here, trilobites. Several examples from both Morocco and the Czech Republic have been found with the Edrioasteriods still in situ on this species. Here is an opportunity to hold a nearly HALF BILLION-year-old example of life.

Also see this Selenopeltis mass mortality.

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