Moroccan Cretaceous Echinoid Fossils Conglomerate


Geological Time: Cretaceous Barremian Stage

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): 3-5 mm across on a 40 mm by 30 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Agadir, Morocco

Code: 06024

Price: $55.00

Description: Well-preserved example of a “conglomerate” composed of delicate Echinoids (sea urchins) . The tests (shells) of urchins are typically quite fragile, so not found intact too often. Most modern-day examples are found broken in the surf. This group must have been filled with sediment shortly after the death of the urchins, or burial may have been the cause of death. Either way, this fine example has been preserved intact for its nearly 100 million year journey into the present. Both sides have an extensive collection visible, a most unusual Echinoid that as yet has not been identified.

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