Uncommon Tropidocoryphe Trilobite with Axial Spines

Tropidocoryphe amuri

Trilobites Order Proetida, Family Tropidocoryphidae

Geological Time: Middle Devonian

Size: Trilobite is 20 mm long (curve measure) by 12 mm wide on an 85 mm by 85 mm matrix.

Fossil Site: Jebel Ofaten, Morocco

Code: 18021

Price: $325.00

TropidocorypheDescription: This unusual trilobite is a rarely offered member of the genus Tropidocoryphe, The family derives it names from a feature found in proetids termed the tropidium, a line of pits in the glabella that may have served a sensory function. The genus shares a number of features with the more familiar Cornuproetus (see my other offerings) but differs in the possession of longer genals and a set of axial spines. To date it is the only member of the genus to possess spines on the axial lobe, a feature well displayed here. This one was described by Chatterton et. Al. in 2009. As of the publication of the species only two complete examples were known, but several more have come to light recently in this newer location.

Reference: Paleontographica Canadiana, No 28, 2009 pp 46-48, 150-151.

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Tropidocoryphe Trilobite

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