Stunning Megistaspis Norway Trilobite

Megistaspis elongata

Trilobites Order Asaphida, Family Asaphidae

Size: Trilobite is 100 mm long by 58mm wide on a 132 mm by 105 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Ore Quarry, Lysseker Member, Huk Formation, Slemmestad, Oslo Region, Norway

Code: 19109

Price: $2995.00

Megistaspis elongata Trilobite from NorwayDescription: A well-inflated example of a scarce Asaphid, this is Megistaspis elongatus. The name is derived from its elongated genal spines. Its flattened appearance allowed it to hide just at or below the surface, concealing it from predator and prey alike. The rich ebony color is a stark contrast to the café au lait coloration for those from Russia which are far more often seen. Interestingly enough, all the trilobites from this region display this same rich color, making for a dramatic display. This is one of the rarer taxa found in the Middle Ordovician of Norway, a fact reflected in the price. The examples from Russia also command a high price, and are somewhat more common. I have included an in-preparation photo that highlights the only restoration to this superb specimen.

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Megistaspis elongata
Megistaspis elongata Trilobite from Norway
Trilobite in Preparation:

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