Barasaurus besairiei Late Permian Reptile Fossil

A Stunning Museum Fossil

Barasaurus besairiei

Class Reptilia, Order Proconolphonomorpha, Family Ownettidae

Geological Time: Late Permian, Lopingian Stage (~ 260 million years ago)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Reptile fossil is 265 mm if straight; Matrix is 385 mm by 380 mm

Fossil Site: Lower Sankamena Formation, Ranohira, Madagascar

Fossil Code: GF130

Price: Sold

Barasaurus besairiei Late Permian Reptile FossilDescription: This is a well-articulated, complete specimen of tNot to be confused with the massive sauropod dinosaur Barosaurus, this is Barasaurus beasiriei, an owenettid parareptile. The owenettids were established with the genus Owenetta and possessed small heads and robust bodies. Barasaurus may have survived the Great Dying at the end of the Permian, but was certainly extinct by the early Triassic. This is a Barasaurus besairieiwell-articulated example and is quite complete. Notice the large number of stones found associated with the central portion of the trunk. At first glance, one might think these to be gastoliths, or stomach stones, found associated with sauropod dinosaurs. Gastroliths served the purpose of grinding the massive quantity of vegetation the dinosaurs would eat, much like the gizzard stones of fowl. In this case the parallel is more like the crocodylians which are known to swallow stones to serve as ballast, making it easier for the reptile to remain submerged. The large, paddle-like feet are certainly indicative of at least a semiaquatic lifestyle, and the swallowed stones would have made it easier for the animal to overcome its natural buoyancy. See our other listings for another member of the Lower Sankamena fauna Cladiosaurus.

Both preservation and preparation are excellent. A certificate of authenticity from the preeminent source will be provided.

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