Leonaspis Spiney Lichid Moroccan Trilobite

With unusual red color preservation

Leonaspis (or Kettneraspis) sp

Trilobites Order Lichida, Family Odontopleuridae

Geologic Time: lower to Middle Devonian

Size: Trilobite is 24 mm long by 23 mm wide (with spines) on a 70 mm by 50 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Hmar Lakhdad, Morocco

Code: 17138

Price: Sold

Leonaspis TrilobiteDescription: Fine trilobite fossil of the genus Leonaspis, this is a member of the genus Leonaspis. It comes from a new deposit in a location known as Hmar Lakhdad in Morocco. Hmar lakhdad means “red cheeks” in Arabic, an allusion to the rich wine red color preserved in the specimens from this location, a consequence of high levels of iron in the silicified exoskeleton. This one possesses the rich red coloration for which this site has recently become famous, and would make a fine addition to any collection of trilobites from the region.

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