Uncommon Psychopyge termierorum Museum Morocco Trilobite

Psychopyge termierorum

Trilobites Order Phacopida, Superfamily Acastoidea, Family Acastidae

Geological Time: Middle Devonian

Size: Trilobite is 75 mm long (overall tip of rostrum to tip of pygidial spine) by 65 mm wide at genals on a 105 by 85 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Jebel Ofaten, Morocco

Code: 12179

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Description:: This trilobite is a member of the Order Phacopida, Family Acastidae from the Devonian deposits of Oufaten, Morocco known as Psychopyge termierorum. The genals and occipital spine have been prepared freestanding. Note the a=many fine eye facets in this example, as well as the turned-down rostrum. For some reason the rostrum of this species was highly variable, ranging from grotesquely-elongated to dramatically-foreshortened. See my other offerings for an example of Psychopyge elegans, and another Psychopyge praestans.

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