Unusually-Colored Carcharodon Great White Fossil Shark Tooth

Carcharodon carcharias

Lamniformes, Lamnidae

Geologic Time: Pleistocene

Size (25.4mm=1 inch): 26 mm diagonal measurement; 17 mm across (including root)

Location: Austin Pit, Ridgeville, South Carolina

Code: FFT06

Price: $60.00

Description: The Great White has existed for ~ 5 million years. The modern-day version is thought to be threatened over parts of its range, and thus is a protected species in many areas. Some scientists think its closest relative is the Megalodon which they term Carcharodon megalodon. Others think they branched off earlier, and call the Megalodon Carcharocles megalodon. Those feel the great White is descended from the Mako Shark, genus Isurus. Whatever the case, they are the largest of predatory sharks extant, and as such inspire awe among all who see them. This fine specimen displays the characteristic serrations (Charcarodon means sharpened tooth in Greek). This one has a most unusual pink coloration, a result of minerals present in the water when the tooth was fossilized. Notice the fine serrations present. Given the rule of an inch of tooth for 10 feet of shark, this one came from a 10 foot example. It comes complete with a Riker-type display box.

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