Koneprusia Moroccan Museum Trilobite

Unusual with Double Axial Spine Rows

Koneprusia sp

Trilobites Order Odontopleuridae, Family Odontopleuridae

Geological Time: Lower Devonian, Pragian Stage

Size: Trilobite is 30 mm long by 16 mm wide (including spines) on a 55 mm by 65 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Aatchana, Morocco

Fossil Code: 16116

Price: $2250.00

KoneprusiaDescription: As an Odontopleurid this unsual trilobite ihas many fine relatives in Dicranurus, Leonaspis, and Ceratonurus. This one is a member of the genus Koneprusia, a taxon known for an amazing myriad of types mostly distinguished by the arrangement and types of spines. While few have been described scientifically, there may be TWENTY or more types awaiting description! This is one of the smallest members of the genus, and coming from the Lower Pragian, one of the oldest. Its most distinguishing feature is the double row of short axial spines, something I have not seen before. The fist specimen known to me was found in 2000. I am only aware of three other examples found since then. I have included a pair of in-process preparation photos so you can gather some appreciation for the process undertaken to free such an unusual specimen from its entombing matrix.

Reference: Fossilien, 27 (4), 2010. pp 204-211.

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Koneprusia Moroccan Trilobite

Koneprusia Moroccan Museum Trilobite

Trilobite Preparation Images Below

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