Tristichopterus Devonian Fish Tetrapod Ancestor

A Paleozoic Lobe-finned Fish Fossil

Tristichopterus alatus

Class Crossopterygii (synonymous with Sarcopterygii), Subclass Tetrapodomorpha, Order Osteolepiformes, Family Tristichopteridae

Geological Time: Middle Devonian, Givetian Stage (~385 million years ago)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Fossil fish is 160 mm in length (tip of nose to tip of tail along backbone) on a 240 mm by 130 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Mey Beds, Harrabrough Head, Orkney, Scotland

Code: UKF169

Price: $3750.00

Tristichopterus alatus Paleozoic Lobe-finned Fish FossilDescription: Related to one of the most widely-recognized of all the ancient lobe-finned fishes (Eusthenopteron), this is Tristicopterus. Eusthenopteron is possibly the most recognized Paleozoic vertebrate,Tristichopteridae Lobe Finned Fish and both are members of the family Tristichopteridae. For comparison purposes I have included a life restoration of Eusthenopteron. Early reconstructions portrayed it as crawling from the water, something we know today was not the case. Devonian FishesNevertheless, it is close to the line from which the tetrapods arose, and it shares several characteristics with them such as the skull bones and bones corresponding to those of the forelimbs. This specimen is the first I am aware of being offered, and is an exceptionally fine example, possessing one of the finest skulls I have seen. There is one repaired crack. Preparation of this specimen was done by one of the UK’s premier artisans. I have included a pair of as found photos so you can see where the repair and final prep work was done. The only restoration is to the seam where the crack was repaired. See my other offerings for an example of another member of the family, Eusthenopteron foordi.

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