Rare and Museum Fossils

Some of the rarest and finest museum grade fossils on Fossil Mall

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These pages provide a brief and quick way of finding some of the rarest and so called museum grade fossils in Fossil Mall. Choosing the fossils listed here is a subjective task based on such factors as aesthetics, size, rarity, scientific interest, or some combination of these criteria. Such fossils are often colloquially referred to as museum fossils in the trade. However, even if you are only in search of the best or rarest of the best or rarest fossils, keep in mind that those posted here are but a sampling of rare, exceptional, impressive and otherwise unobtainable museum grade fossils at Fossil Mall. Many, but not all will be expensive, many are simply beautiful, and still more you simply will find no where else. These fossils are also listed elsewhere in their respective fossil stores and categories.

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Yunnanozoon lividum
Boedaspis ensifer Trilobite
Tylosaurus proriger Mosasaur  Fossil
Fossil JH43
Fossil RUT382
Fossil 15039
Fossil SRC17
Styletoctopus annae Cretaceous Octopus Fossil
Yohoia tenuis
Burgess Shale Odaraia alata
Isotelus gigas Trilobite
Fossil RS149
Fossil JH45
Fossil JH40
Fossil RS154
Propterus Museum Jurassic Fish Fossil
Osteolepis macrolepidotus Tetrapod Ancestor
Tristichopterus alatus Devonian Lobe Finned Fish Fossil
Acanthopyge consanguinea Oklahoma Trilobite
Fossil GF109
Fossil UKF210
Fossil UKF181
Fossil BCM173

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