Detailed Ordovician Brittlestar Fossil

Ophiuroidea indet

Phylum Echinodermata, Class Ophiuroidea

Geological Time: Upper Ordovician

Size: Fossil is 32 mm long (maximum) on a 65 mm by 35 mm matrix

Fossil Site: El Kaid Errami Valley, Tafilalt, Morocco

Code: 17217

Price: Sold

Ordovician Brittlestar FossilDescription: The Fezouata and Tafilalt biotas provide an exceptional representation of exquisitely-preserved Ordovician life from Morocco. Both show parallels to the older Burgess Shale fauna of the Cambrian of Canada. This is a fine negative example of a member of the OphiuroideaOphiuroidea, or Brittlestars. Notice that even the pitting for the “hydraulic system” by which the Brittlestars moved is in evidence. The Brittlestars and True Sea Stars shared a common ancestor in the Ordovician. Intact starfish specimens are quite uncommon in the fossil record. This one probably did in an environment in which the water had a gentle current as all the arms are oriented in what must have been the downstream direction.

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Ordovician Brittlestar Fossil

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