UNDESCRIBED Jorf Odontopleurid Moroccan Trilobite

Prepared in Freestanding Mode

Koneprusinae indet

(Trilobites) Order Lichida, Family Odontopleuridae, Subfamily Koneprusinae

Geological Time: Middle Devonian, Eifelian Age

Size: Trilobite is 17 mm long by 13 mm wide (counting spines) on a 65 mm by 80 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Jorf, Morocco

Code: 18162

Price: $875.00

Description: This unknown Odontopleurid trilobite comes from a relatively new location known as Jorf in Morocco, close to the site from which the polished goniatite ammonites originate. The presence of a central pygidial spine is indicative of an affinity of the Koneprusine rather than Isoprusine Odontopleurids. It is a small trilobite which has been prepared freestanding to accent the spines. I have included a pair of trilobite preparation images so you can get a feeling the effort that goes into freeing such a small spiny trilobite from the matrix.

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Trilobite in Preparation

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