Uncommon Fish Fossil Association from Closed Moroccan Location

Clupeidae indet

Triplomystus sp

Class Actinopterygii, Order Ellemmichthyformes, Family Paraclupeidae

Geological Time: Late Cretaceous

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch) Clupeid: 37 mm in length Triplomystus: 40 mm by 22 mm on a 170 mm by 190 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Ramlia Taouz, Morocco

Fossil Code: 13021

Price: $135

Fish Fossil sDescription: These fish are found in sublithographic limestone similar to that seen in Lebanon, but comes from a new location in Morocco, and is an excellent association plaque. Fish from this location have just become available in the past few years, and most may well be new to science. The Clupeidae are commercially important fish whose members include herring, shad, and sardines. A freshwater fossil example would be Knightia from the Green River deposits of the US. The other fish is known as Triplomystus, a member of the Paraclupeidae recently discovered in Lebanon. See my other listings for a large example of this taxon from that location. I learned this year at the Tucson show that the location on the Moroccan-Algeria border is a militarily sensitive location which had restricted access but now has been closed, making the specimens even harder to find.

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