Diminutive Agerina Ordovician Moroccan Trilobite

Part and Counterpart

Agerina aff alkeini

Trilobites Order Corynexochida, Family Leiostegidae

Geological Time: Lower Ordovician

Size: Trilobite is 5 mm long and 3 mm across . Matrix: 75 mm by 55 mm and 70 mm by 30 mm pair

Fossil Site: Upper Fezouata Formation, Draa Valley, Zagora, Morocco

Fossil Code: 17032

Price: $65.00

Agerina Ordovician Moroccan TrilobiteDescription: This matrix displays a rarely seen fossil specimen of a trilobite found in the Ordovician deposits of Zagora, Morocco. This taxon is not often offered, primarily because it is so small as to be easily overlook. It is closed to Agerina alkeini, and is seen here as a part/counterpart example. If you are a collector of trilobites by genus, here is an opportunity to add this one at a bargain price. The positive specimen is the on the RIGHT in the photo showing both sides.


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Agerina Trilobite
Agerina Trilobite

Agerina Ordovician Moroccan Trilobite

Agerina Ordovician Moroccan Trilobite

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