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Invertebrate Fossils for Sale

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About Invertebrate Fossils

An invertebrate is an animal without a backbone, which incidentally comprises some 95% of all described animal species. Invertebrate is actually an informal taxonomic term representing a paraphyletic group entirely containing all but one animal phyla, and only excluding one of the three subphyla of Phylum Chordata. For the organization of taxa in Fossil Mall, invertebrate constitutes a moniker for anything not included in vertebrates or any other specific category such as trilobites, ammonites, echinoderm and crinoid fossils, insect fossils, etc.

Examples of invertebrate fossils:

Octopus Fossil
Phyllocarid Fossil
Scorpian Fossil
Anomalocaris Fossil
Paleoctopus newboldi Cretaceous Octopus Fossil from Lebanese Lagerstätte
Tuzoia polleni Early Cambrian Phyllocarid Fossil from the Eager Formation BC Canada
Araripescorpius Cretaceous Scorpian Fossil from Crato Formation of Brazil
Cambrian Anomalocaris nathorsti Fossil from the Wheeler Formation of Utah
Squid Fossil
Plesioteuthis Jurassic Squid Fossil from Solnhofen Lagerstätte
Paleoctopus Cretaceous Octopus Fossil from Lebanon
Eryon arctiformis Jurassic Lobster from Solnhofen Lagerstätte