Rainbow Araucarioxylon Petrified Wood from Arizona

Araucarioxylon arizonicum

Division Pinophyta (conifers), Class Pinopsida, Order Pinales, Family Araucariaceae

Geological Time: Late Triassic, Norian-Carnian Stage

Size: Fossil is 110 mm long by 70 mm wide by up to 60 mm thick

Fossil Site: Navajo County, Holbrook, Arizona

Code: FGF03

Price: $95.00

Araucarioxylon Petrified Wood from ArizonaDescription: This specimen of highly-colored petrified wood from the Chinle Formation (Norian-Carnian Stage, ~225 million year old) deposits of Winslow, Arizona is commonly referred to as Rainbow Wood for obvious reason. Permineralization by silica resulting in agatized specimens such as these while infiltration of trace minerals in varying amounts afford the various colors, with iron in various states being the predominant coloring agent. Hematite is most often the contributor to red while goethite ( hydrated iron oxide) often results in yellows and oranges. Purple and blue mostly come from manganese with gray a result of the silica itself with little other influence. A portion of the original bark can be seen. Araucarioxylon arizonicum is the state fossil of Arizona, and is the taxon comprising some 90% of all specimens found in the Petrified Forest National Monument. It was a coniferous tree standing some 150-200 feet tall, and some 6-8 feet in diameter. Its closest relatives today are the Monkey Puzzle Tree of South America and the Norfolk Island Pine. The yellow color seen here is particularly striking. This specimen has received a coating of acrylic with the twofold purpose of preventing spalling and heightening of the rich colors seen here which are entirely natural.

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