Macropodid Marsupial Fossil Jaw from Australia

Macropodus giganteus (Kangaroo)

Geological Time: Pleistocene

Infraclass Marsupialia, Order Diprotodontia, Family Macropodidae

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Fossil is 100 mm long

Fossil Site: Sinkhole Deposit near Mount Gambier, South Australia

Code: AAF423

Price: Sold

Marsupial Fossil JawDescription: Macropdus gianteus is still extant today, and is known as the Eastern Grey Kangaroo. The Macropodids first make their appearance in the fossil record in the late Miocene, but exhibit little diversity before the early Pliocene about 4 – 5 million years ago as a consequence of expansion of savannah and woodland habitats at that time. This mandible (lower jaw) was found in a sinkhole near Mount Gambier some 20 years ago. There are many caves in the area, and the collapse of a cave roof forms a sinkhole which often serves as a trap for wildlife unlucky enough to blunder in. This one’s misfortune leads to an opportunity for you to acquire a specimen from this deposit.

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