Rare Colored Araucarioxylon Petrified Wood Fossil

Araucarioxylon arizonicum

Division: Pinophyta (conifers), Class Pinopsida, Order Pinales, Family Araucariaceae

Geological Time: Late Triassic, Norian-Carnian Stage

Size: Fossil is 30mm long by 35 mm wide by up to 35 mm thick; weight 60 grams.

Fossil Site: Winslow, Arizona

Code: PW29

Price: Sold

Rare Colored Araucarioxylon Petrified Wood FossilDescription: This specimen of highly-colored petrified wood from the Chinle Formation (Norian-Carnian Stage, ~225 million year old) deposits of Winslow, Arizona comes with a story. Almost 25 years ago, I came across a few examples of this rare material at a rock shop in southern Utah. I purchased a sample, and thought little of it. After my return home, I decided to try to obtain some larger specimens. I had been unsuccessful until a few years ago. The rich green color is the result of ~2% Chromium content. While the many types of petrified wood come in a panoply of colors, only a very few types are green; the only other known to me is found in Africa. This material comes from a small deposit near Winslow, and is not known from any other location. Araucarioxylon arizonicum is the state fossil of Arizona, and is the taxon comprising some 90% of all specimens found in the Petrified Forest National Monument. It was a coniferous tree standing some 150-200 feet tall, and some 6-8 feet in diameter. Its closest relatives today are the Monkey Puzzle Tree of South America and the Norfolk Island Pine. All my initial specimens are now gone; I was able to acquire a few more this year, but have been told no more will be available from the field, as it appears to be played out.

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