Well-Preserved Carcharochles Shark Tooth

Carcharocles (Carcharodon) auriculatus

Geological Time: Late Eocene, Priabonian Stage (~ 35 million years ago)

Size: Fossil 81 mm long (diagonal, including root), 55 mm wide at base of root.

Fossil Site: Ad Dakhla, Western Sahara, Morocco

Code: 18060

Price: Sold

Carcharochles Shark ToothDescription: These sharks are thought to be one of the oldest progenitors of what was to be Carcharodon (or Carcharocles) megalodon. Notice the sidecusps and fine authentic root (not a composite of ground up roots of lesser specimens as are sometimes offered). This one has all the serrations to the large side cusps, tooth body, and tip preserved intact, making for a fine specimen, offered here at a reasonable price for a large specimen in such a state of preservation.

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Carcharochles Shark Tooth

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