Superb Diania - Like Ordovician Lobopodian Fossil

Part and Counterpart Specimen

Aff Diania cactiformis

Phylum Lobopodia

Geologic Time: Early Ordovician Tremadocian Age, (~480 million years ago)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Fossil is 17 mm long on a 60 mm by 40 mm and 30 mm by 55 mm matrix pair.

Fossil Site: Fezouata Formation, Beni Zouli, Morocco

Fossil Code: 21036

Price: Sold

Description: This unusual lobopodian is most closely related to Diania. The taxon is known from the Chengjiang Biota of China (indeed Dian is Chinese for the Yunnan Province which houses the Chengjiang Material). What is unusual here is that this one is some 20-25 million years younger, and is found in the Fezouata Formation of Morocco. The location was sited near the South Pole of the time, and is thought to have been some 50-150 meters deep. Beni Zouli seems to have a number of exceptionally-preserved taxa similar to the older Cambrian sites. The Lobopodians are small marine and terrestrial animals termed colloquially “velvet worms” or “worms with legs”. While all Recent forms are terrestrial, most fossil Lobopodians are marine, and are known primarily from the Cambrian. This one most closely resembles Diania, so we will refer to it as Aff Diania for the time being. Only a few examples are known, and this is the first I have placed on offer.

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