Unusual Four Horned Moroccan Trilobite

Cyphaspis eximia

Trilobites Order Proetida, Family Otarionidae

Geological Time: Devonian, Eifelian Stage

Size: Trilobite is 25 mm long, 17 mm across (with spines); Matrix: 65 mm by 30 mm

Fossil Site: Jebel el Mrakib, Morocco

Fossil Code: 18086

Price: $435.00

Cyphaspis eximiaDescription: This plate displays a fine example of a trilobite found in the Devonian deposits of Mrakib Morocco. This taxon has a two pairs of cephalic spines, in contrast to the longer forked single pair of the type typically called “Devil’s Horned Cyphaspis” described as Cyphaspis walteri in 2014). See my other specimens for examples of that more common type. These are far, far more rarely seen, with this being only the third example I have had in 5 years. To me the bulbous cranidium with its four spines reminds me of the World War II vintage sea mines. It was recently described as Cyphaspis eximia; the species name means “distinguished”. This one has kept the genals and distal end of the thoracic spine in matrix to protect them from damage.

Reference: Geologica Belgica, Vol 19 (2016) No 3-4, pp 251-271.

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