Unusually Spined Cyphaspis Morocco Trilobite

Cyphaspis sp

Trilobites Order Proetida, Family Otarionidae

Geological Time: Lower Devonian, Emsian Stage

Size: Trilobite is 22 mm long by 12 mm wide (with spines) on a 60 by 95 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Dicranurus Couche, Aatchana, Morocco

Fossil Code: 19083

Price: Sold

Cyphaspis TrilobitesDescription: Unusual example of a member of the Order Proetida, Family Otarionidae with an unusual detail present: an occipital spine. In consulting with a researcher on the genus I learned that this is a paedomorphic feature (one retained from the juvenile state and not normally present in adults). To date only a few unnamed examples from the Emsian of Morocco and Germany are known. I have included a photo with the spine circled to make it more apparent. This is the FIRST and ONLY such example I have been able to secure.

Reference: Geologica Belgica, 2016, Vol 19, No 3-.

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