Teleoceras proterum Rhinoceros Tusk Fossil

Teleoceras proterum

Class Mammalia, Order Perissodactyla, Family Rhinoceratidea

Geological Time: Late Pliocene (~2 million years ago)

Size: Fossil is 100 mm long by32 mm wide

Fossil Code: Dixie County, Florida, USA

Fossil Code: AW98

Price: Sold

Teleoceras proterum Rhinoceros Tusk FossilDescription: With a short-legged stance and barrel-like trunk this large mammal looked more like a hippopotamus than a rhinoceros, complete with hippo-like tusks. Despite the morphology it was belibved to be more terrestrial in habit than the semi-aquatic hippopotamus of today. This is a comple tusk. This one came most likely from a female as those of the males were more robust. It comes from an old collection as shown by the date 1933 on the specimen. It is the only example I have had in 17 years, and is quite complete.

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Teleoceras proterum Rhinoceros Tusk Fossil

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