Artistically-Framed Green River Fossil Fish Priscacara Pair

Priscacara liops

Order Perciformes, Family Priscacaridae

Geological Time: Eocene

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch) Fish fossils are 130 mm and 115 mm in length on 290 mm by 215 mm matrix (visible), frame size 365 mm by 290 mm

Fossil Site: Green River Formation, Fossil Lake, Kemmerer, Wyoming

Fossil Code: WFF110

Price: $575.00

Priscacara liopsDescription: This 50 million year old, Eocene-Era fossil fish comes from one of the world's famous Laggerstatten, the Green River Formation in Wyoming. A small portion of the fish fossils from Green River exhibits such fine preservation. The significant extent of soft-tissue preservation that makes the site famous is evident in this specimen.

Genus Priscacara is perhaps the most popular of the Green River fish fossils. A member of the Family Priscacaridae, the name Priscacara means "primitive head". Shaped rather like a sunfish, the genus sports sturdy, protective dorsal and anal spines. Among the two species, liops and serrata, serrata is uncommon. Liops is the smaller species, never exceeding 150 mm, whereas serrata have been found up to 375 mm. This fine specimen shows wonderful detail, including the impression of the body cavity. The dark body serves as a wonderful counterpoint to the light-colored matrix. The genus went extinct at the end of the Miocene, and is thought by some to be related to the modern-day Cichildae.

This specimen has been framed with a location label and hanger affixed to the reverse, making an attractive display specimen for the collector, naturalist, or fisherman, and would make a fine gift for office or den. What makes this one unusual is the fact that a pair of Priscacara have been preserved in association; this piece is NOT the result of compositing.

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Priscacara liops

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