Liquidamber Petrified Wood Plant Fossil

Oligocene Age from Oregon

Liquidambar sp

Angiosperm, Order Saxifragales, Family Altingaecidae

Geological Time: Oligocene

Size: Fossil is 130 mm by 150 mm, maximum

Fossil Site: Little Butte Formation, Linn County, Oregon USA

Fossil Code: AW106

Price: Sold

Description: This is a polished section of petrified wood from a Red Gum tree of the genus Liquidambar. Both the common name and the genus name are derived from the resinous sap these trees possess. It is known as Sweetgum in the southern United States, and its sap has been used as a substitute for chewing gum. While initially assigned to the family Hamamelidaceae, it was assigned its own family. The genus has been known since the Cretaceous, but glaciation and subsequent climate change has greatly reduced their range in Europe and North America. It has been given a high polish on the display side, and comes from an old collection.

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