Triassic Amphibian Trackfrom Poland’s Holy Cross Mountains

Amphibian Track Ichnofossil

Geological Time: Upper Triassic (~310 million years ago)

Size: (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Matrix: 275 mm by 165 mm by 45 mm thick (maximum dimensions) Track: 125 mm long by 120 mm across

Fossil Site: Holy Cross Mountains, Kilece, Poland

Fossil Code: 9278

Price: $495.00

Triassic Amphibian TrackwayDescription: This track was made by an unknown amphibian in the Late Triassic Holy Cross Mountain deposits of Poland. It was most likely made over a short timespan while the substrate was just the proper moistness to preserve it. The Holy Cross Mountains are well known for preservation of tracks from early tetrapods in the Early Devopnian almost 400 million years ago as well as those from members of the Dinosauromorpha some 250 million years ago in the early Triassic. This specimen comes from the Late Triassic and is a right forelimb cast made by an animal some 2-2.5 meters in length who would have shared the terrain with the dinosaurs. I always enjoy seeing specimens such as this as they show a moment frozen in time when we can actually see what the trackmakers were doing.

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