UNKNOWN Certainly Very Rare Moroccan Trilobite

Trilobite Unknown

Trilobites Order Lichida

Geological Time: Ordovician

Size (25.4mm=1 inch): See description

Fossil Site: Tanssikhte deposites, Zagora, Morocco

Code: 03023

Price: $275.00

Here is a nice trilobite: A member of the Order Lichida from the Ordovician from Tanssikhte (yes, spelled correctly) deposits of Zagora, Morocco. It is 11 mm long and 10 mm across at the genal spines. It displays well on its 2.7 inch by 1.7 inch matrix base. It has its affinities with Acidaspis and Leonaspis, but is neither. The bug is quite 3-D, unusual for most Ordovician examples, and quite well-preserved. Whatever it is, it is not a common bug, as it is the ONLY one I have seen in 3 years.

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