Long-Spined Cyphaspides Museum Moroccan Trilobites

A Natural Double

Cyphaspides sp

Trilobites Order Proetida, Family Aulocopleuridae

Geological Time: Middle Devonian

Size: Trilobite are 40 mm long by 36 mm wide and 33 mm long by 33 mm wide (counting spines) on a 110 mm by 80 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Jorf, Morocco

Fossil Code: 17196

Price: $1995.00

Description: Unusual example of a pair of members of the Order Proetida, Family Aulacopleuridae with many fine details present. It comes from a new location known as Jorf in Morocco, close to the site from which the polished goniatite ammonites originate. The preservation of the exoskeleton is reminiscent of them in terms of texture, unlike many trilobites from Morocco. It has similarities to Cyphaspis (see my other listings) with the same bulbous cranidium, stalked eyes, and granulose appearance. It is a rarely seen taxon, and most unlike these are usually found somewhat disarticulated. The matrix from Jorf is often harder than that from some other sites, making preparation more difficult. This is a NATURAL DOUBLE of these unusual trilobites. I have included several in-process photos that show it has NOT been composited.

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