STUNNING Cambropallas Cambrian Moroccan Trilobite

Part and Counterpart Fossil Specimen

Cambropallas telesto

Trilobites Order Redlichiida, Family Holmiidae

Geological Time: Lower Middle Cambrian

Size: Trilobite is 85 mm long by 50 mm wide on a 120 by
185 mm matrix pair

Fossil Site: Jebel Ougnat, Morocco

Fossil Code: 18077

Price: Sold

Cambropallas Cambrian Moroccan Trilobite Description: A fine example of a member of the Order Redlichiida, Family Holmiidae, this is a exceptional example of the Cambrian trilobite Cambropallas. While this taxon is one of the most manufactured of trilobites in Morocco, this one comes from a source with impeccable credentials. This part and counterpart specimen was nearly a perfect split between the positive (right) and negative (left) halves.

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Cambropallas telesto

Cambropallas Cambrian Moroccan Trilobite

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