Lithophypoderma Botfly Insect Fossil from Green River

Lithophypoderma ascoides

Insect Order Diptera, Family Oestidae

Geological Time: Eocene

Size: Insect fossil is 17 mm by 5 mm; Matrix: 40 mm by 35 mm.

Fossil Site: Green River Shale< Parachute Creek Member, Rio Blanco County, Colorado, USA

Fossil Code: AW97

Price: $30.00

Lithophypoderma Botfly Insect Fossil from Green RiverDescription: The Green River Formation deposits of Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah are best known for their immaculately-preserved fish, but other examples are known as well, as this specimen attests. This is an example of the larval form of a Botfly. Modern-day Botflies are parasites of mammals, and are found either growing in the host’s flesh or in the gut. Most rely on vectors such as a housefly, mosquito, or tick to infest their ultimate host. One species even (shudder) infests humans by burrowing under the skin and leaving a breathing hole open to the surface. Their spines make them difficult to remove and painful. Application of iodine to the hole will cause them to quickly exit. The alternative of applying nail polish to suffocate them still leaves the problem of removing the dead maggot (yuck). The specimen will come in a protective Riker type box..

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