Baragwanathia Early Vascular Land Plant Fossil

from the Silurian of Australia

Baragwanathia longifolia

Class Lycopoiopsida, Order Drepanophycales, Family Drepanophycaceae

Geologic Time: Late Silurian, Ludlovian Stage

Size: 80 mm by 20 mm (negative) 80 mm by 15 mm positive Matrix: 195 mm by 85 mm

Fossil Site: Lower Plant Assemblage, Ghin Ghin Road, Yea, Victoria, Australia

Fossil Code: AW103

Price: Sold

Baragwanathia Early Vascular Land Plant FossilDescription: This specimen shows the stems of two examples with the (negative) specimen on the right. There has been some dispute concerning the age because of that type of graptolite used in the age determination, one that persisted into the Early Devonian. However another location in Victoria was aged using a different graptolite which died out during the end Silurian, so I will use the earlier age for now. Whatever the case, it was (one) of the first plants to colonize the land.

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