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Phylum Echinodermata includes homalozoans, crinoids, cystoids, edrioasteroids, starfish, brittlestars, blastoids, and eocrinoids

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About Echinoderms and Crinoids Crinoid

Asteridea by HaeckelThe echinoderms are a distinct phylum (Echinodermata meaning spiny skin) of marine animals known from all ocean depths that first appeared in the great diversification of life in the early Cambrian. Among some 13,000 extinct species, they have left a ubiquitous and prodigious fossil record. Having some 7,000 extant species, they comprise the largest phylum not having terrestrial and fresh water forms.

The echinodermata evolved from the bilaterally symmetrical animals (the bilateria) to have a fivefold radial symmetry that occurs at some stage of ontogenesis or developmental morphogenesis. This five point symmetry is very familiar in fully developed starfish. The vascular system of echinoderms carry water and that in some terminate in feet with suckers to grab and and Starfish and Sea Urchinsmove objects. Echinoderm reproduction proceeds external fertilization of eggs and sperm discharged into the water, and most undergoAsterozoa Starfish planktonic larval stages before settling into a sessile lifestyle on the seafloor.

The most beautiful echnoderm fossils correspond to four major subphyla: 1) Blastozoa, that contains the eocrinoids, cystoids and blastoids; 2) Asterozoa, that contains starfish and brittlestars; 3) Crinozoa, the crinoids; and 4) Echinozoa that includes the echinoids, or sea urchins.

Examples of crinoid and echinoderm fossils:

Agaricocrinus crinoid fossil
Palaeocoma Brittlestar Fossil
Acrosalenia Echinoid Fossil
Eospondylus Brittlestar Fossil
Agaricocrinus Mississippian Crinoid Fossil from Crawfordsville Indiana
Palaeocoma egertoni Jurassic Brittlestar Fossil from UK
Acrosalenia Jurassic Club Urchin Echinoid Fossil from Libya
Eospondylus Devonian Brittlestar Fossil from Hunsrück Slate Lagerstatte
Pleurocystites Cystoid Fossils
Rare Lepidasterella Starfish Fossil
Cupressocrinites Crinoid
Barycrinus Crinoid
Pleurocystites Ordovician Cystoid Fossils Death Assemblage from NY
Way Rare Lepidasterella Mississippian Starfish Fossil from Bear Gulch
Devonian Cupressocrinites Crinoid from Morocco
Barycrinus crassibrachiatus Crinoid from Crawfordsville
Stenaster salteri Brittlestar Fossils
Stenaster salteri Brittlestar Fossils from Ontario

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