Cache Creek Dicot and Conifer Plant Fossil Association

Alnus sp

Order Fagales, Family Betulaceae

Pinus sp

Order Coniferales, Family Pinaceae

Geological Time: Early Middle Eocene

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Fossil Alder: 72 mm by 30 mm, Pine: 60 mm by 14 mm, on a 145 mm by 110 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Tranquille Shale, Cache Creek, British Columbia, Canada

Fossil Code: PF066

Price: $45.00

Dicot and Conifer Plant FossilsDescription: This is an example of a leaf from a tree of the Betulaceae (Birch Family) from the lacustrine deposits of the McAbee Flora of the Eocene of British Columbia, Canada. The deposit resulted from a fine layer of silt which built up over the years as a result of deposition of diatoms which bloomed in the lake each spring and died in the summer.. This is a fine example of the preservation for which this biota is known., The flora was dominated by conifers farther away from the lake, and elm, birch, beech, and alder near to the lakeshore. The location from which this specimen was collected has recently been acquired by the provincial government of British Columbia and declared a heritage site. As a consequence specimens like this that were collected from before the declaration will become increasingly in demand as no further material will be available.

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