Colpodexylon deatsii Devonian Clubmoss Tree Fossils

Colpodexylon deatsii Clubmoss Tree Bark

Class Lycopsida, Order Protolepidodendrales

Geological Time: Upper Devonian

Size: Plant fossil is - positive: 2 mm by 10 mm; negative: 53 mm by 10 mm; Matrix: 120 mm by 80 mm

Fossil Site: Delaware River Sandstone, Norwich, New York, USA

Fossil Code: AW85

Price: Sold

Colpodexylon deatsii Devonian Clubmoss Tree FossilsDescription: This plaque displays a pair of examples of the early Lycopsid land plant Colpodexylon as a positive and a negative. Each dimple on the stem represented a leaf attachment scar and was the source of the trivial name “scale tree”. The leaves themselves were trifurcate and bore a resemblance to pine needles arranged in a spiral around the trunk. They became a dominant plant type in the Carboniferous with the advent of the genus Lepidodendron. See my other offerings for Barawaganathia, thought to be the oldest of the Lycopods.

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Colpodexylon deatsii Devonian Clubmoss Tree Fossils

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