Lingulocystis Eocrinoid Fossil

Lingulocystis sp

Blastozoa, Eocrinoidea

Geological Time: Lower Ordovician, Temadocian Epoch

Size: ): Overall: 20 mm Theca: 5 mm by 9 mm tall Matrix: 90 mm by 110 mm and 95 mm by 80 mm pair

Fossil Site: Upper Fezouata Formation, Zagora, Morocco

Code: 18009

Price: $95.00

Description: This is an excellent example of an Eocrinoid of the genus Lingulocystis, seen as a part and counterpart specimen. This one looks much like Lingulocystis elongatus from the roughly contemporaneous deposits of Montagne Noire of France. The genus is also known from Bolivia and Argentina. It is the FIRST and ONLY example I have had.

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