UNUSUAL Platillaenus Moroccan Trilobite

Likely new to science

Platillaenus sp

Trilobites Order Corynexochida , Family Illaenidae

Geological Time: Ordovician

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Trilobite is 63 mm long (curve measure) by 36 mm wide on a 97 mm by 75 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Alnif, Morocco

Fossil Code: 13049

Price: $525.00

Platillaenus TrilobiteDescription: This unusual trilobite comes from the Ordovician deposits near Alnif, Morocco. At first glance it looks something like a Paralejurus (see my other listings) , but the age of the deposits and the overall shape shows it is much different. It is a member of the Illaenidae, trilobites more frequently seen from Europe (particularly Russia) and less frequently from North America. I sent photos to one of the most well-versed collectors of Moroccan trilobites, and he told me it was a member of the genus Platillaenus. It is sufficiently different from the one known from Morocco that it is most likely a species new to science.

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