Daphoenus Bear Dog Fossil Display

from White River Badlands Brule Formation

Daphoenus sp

Order Carnivora, Family Amphycyonidae

Geological Time: Early Oligocene, Whitneyan Era, about 31 million years ago

Size: Fossil is display 125 mm long by 95 mm tall overall; Mandible 85 mm by 24 mm

Fossil Site: Brule Formation, White River Badlands, Sioux County, Nebraska

Code: LNF01

Price: Sold

Daphoenus Bear Dog Fossil Description: This is an association of elements from the bear-dog Daphoenus. The Amphycyonids were known as bear-dogs because while they were dog-like in appearance they had some bearlike characteristics. Like bears they had a plantigradeBrule Formation in Badlands foot, meaning they walked “flat-footed”. They ranged throughout much of the Western and Central United States, and were up to 1.5 meters in length. Note there are two mandibles, some maxillary teeth, and vertebral and limb elements present. The shine is due to a coating of cyanoacrylate (paleobond) to consolidate the specimen. It comes complete with a metal stand to allow for self-display and a certificate of authenticity from the preparators.

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