Arm Crown of the Solnhofen Belemnite Cephalopod Acanthoteuthis

Cylindroteuthis puzosiana

Class Cephalopoda, Order Belemnitida, Family Belemnoteuthidae

Geological Time: Late Jurassic, Tithonian Stage

Size: Fossil is 110 mm by 165 mm; Tentacle crown 85 mm long by 60 mm wide

Fossil Site: Solnhofen, Eichstatt, Germany

Code: AW122

Price: Sold

Arm Crown of the Solnhofen Belemnite Cephalopod AcanthoteuthisDescription: This is a fine example of the arm crown of a belemnoteuthid cephalopod from Solnhofen known as Acanthoteuthis. Solnhofen is most famous as the home of the early bird Archaeopteryx, but there are many other exquisitely-preserved examples of other animals as well. The soft tissue preservation of the tentacles is quite apparent in this specimen. Notice the array of hooklets which would have served to allow the organism to latch on to all sorts of prey. The cone-shaped mound in the center most likely holds the beak.

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