Gerastos aff cuvieri Trilobite with Unusually Long Genals

Gerastos aff cuvieri

Trilobites Order Proetida, Family Proetidae

Geological Time: Middle Devonian

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Trilobite is 20 mm long (curve measure) by 12 mm wide on a 65 by 50 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Jebel Oufaten, Morocco

Fossil Code: 12161

Price: Sold

Gerastos cuvieriDescription: Fine example of a member of the Order Proetida, Family Proetidae with many fine details present. The most striking features of this one are the long genals and the smooth cranidium. While there is some effacement to the cranidium it is still evidently smooth. I showed this one to one of the most well-versed collectors of Moroccan trilobites and he has never seen a Gerastos with spines as long as these. To me it looks a bit like Gerastos cuvieri from Europe but that species has short rounded genals. Let us just term it Gerastos aff cuvieri until such time as researchers have a chance to issue a formal description. The Proetidae were among the last of the trilobites to go extinct in the Permian over 100 million years later. This is a fine example of the type, the only one I have been able to obtain.

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