Large Carcharadontosaurus saharicus Dinosaur Tooth

Carcharadontosaurus saharicus

Dinosauria clade Theropoda, Family Carcharodontosauridae

Geological Time: Middle Cretaceous, Albian Stage

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Dinosaur tooth is 96 mm diagonal length, 35 mm base width

Fossil Site: Kem-Kem Basin, K’Sar-es-Souk Province, South of Taouz, Morocco

Code: 18213

Price: $1295.00

Description: This is a fine example of a tooth from the dinosaur Carcharadontosaurus saharicus coming from the Middle Cretaceous Albian Stage deposits of the Kem-Kem Basin, Morocco. Notice the fine serrations present which attest to the meat eating habits of this dinosaur that is thought to have rivaled T rex in size. Like most found, this is a shed tooth. Dinosaurs continually replaced their teeth so as to keep a sharp set always deployed. The thin cross section shows this dinosaur was more prone to stripping meat from the bones, rather than the bone crusher that T rex is thought to have been. The rich brown color is one of several hues displayed, depending upon the depositional environment. Teeth of this size are not often seen. I have included a photo of it in the field so you can get a feeling for just how substantial it is.

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