Detailed Fossil Fish of the Permian Triassic Transition

Chondrostei: Peleidiformes, indet

Class Actinopterygii, Subclass Chondrostei, Order Peleidiformes

Geological Time: Late Permian/Early Triassic (~250 m.y.a.)

Size (25.4 m m= 1 inch): Fossil is 122 mm long; Matrix: 125 mm by 50 mm

Fossil Site: Jurong, Zhengiang, Jiangsu, China

Code: CF152

Price: $235.00

Fossil Fish of the Permian Triassic TransitionDescription: A fine example of a nodule from the Permian/ Triassic transition of China containing most of a very detailed fish known as a member of the Perlieidformes. This one is thought to have lain in wait, then shot forward to catch its prey. It has a free maxilla, something that in later fish could swing forward as the fish opened its mouth, forming a “slurp gun” Specimens such as this are rarely offered, and few are so complete. Notice the delicate fin rays and regular pattern of the scales.

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