Jurassic Fossil Seed Fern

Thinnfledia talbragarensis

Geological Time: Early Middle Jurassic

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Fossil is 70 mm by 20 mm (maximum), Matrix: 95 mm x 37 mm

Fossil Site: Purlawaugh Formation, Merrygoen Ironstone, Talbragar Fish Beds, Farrs Hill, Glugong, New South Wales, Australia

Code: AAF508

Price: $55.00

Fossil Seed FernDescription: This fossil comes the most famous mass kill site in Australia, the Talbragar Fish Beds. Like the much younger Green River Formation deposits, large numbers of specimens that evidently died contemporaneously have been found. The ironstone has preserved all the details of the structure of the fish with remarkable fidelity. There are a large number of plants preserved as well. This rare seed fern was once placed in the genus Thinnfeldia, but it was discovered that the type specimen for that genus was actually Pachypteris. The site from which this specimen came has been closed for some time now so that only material collected in the past is available.

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