Harpes hamarlaghdadensis Trilobites Death Assemblage

Newly described from Type Location

Harpes hamarlaghdadensis

Trilobites Order Harpetida, Family Harpetidae

Geological Time: Middle Devonian, Eifelian stage

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Trilobites are 30 mm long by 18 to 27 mm long by 18 mm wide mm wide (counting spines) on a 105 mm by 90 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Hmar Laghdad, Morocco

Code: 20029

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Harpes hamarlaghdadensis Trilobites Death AssemblageDescription: Colorful example of a death assemblage of no less than FOUR members of the Order Harpetida, Family Harpetidae with many fine details present. Coming from Hmar Lakhfdad itself, these thus come from what is known as the type locality.. While it most closely resembles Harpes perradiatus in appearance, it has revently has been recently described as Harpes hamarlaghdadensis. What is unusual about this NATURAL assemblage is that the trilobites are essentially prone. Typically Harpes trilobites have an enrolled posture more often than not. There is also a small (10 mm by 15 mm) Brachiopod to top off this unusual piece.

Reference: N Jb Geol Paleont, Abb 290 1/3 (2018) pp 257-259.

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Harpes hamarlaghdadensis Trilobites Death Assemblage

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